Ready and looking foolish

Artimis made his way down to the stables and was taking care of loading his horse and his supplies. He had raided the kitchen and brewery on his way. He had a bag of strawberry tarts he was eating along with meat, potatoes, carrots, onions, and flour in a large pot.
He had two small casks for the trip, he wanted miles to be happy and knew he had someone that gave a damn, but that seemed unlike to sink in,

On his side hung a Bull whip and pole arm rested against his shoulder. He knew it was a pole arm as it was on a pole. He wasn’t sure what type as it had multiple shiny pointy sharp buts, He did not take the one with Any of the pennants flying from them, though he did think about tying s soft corset and flying that. Everyone needs a reason for why they fight, that weekend as good of a reason to him. Glenn might laugh in private but others would see it and an insult.

The bull whip came from the leather workers shop. He actually paid for this hoping to learn how to braid one. He also got a new arm guard for his bow and a holder so he could have his bow sheathed on the horse. He was “heavily” armed with some new weapons he did not know how to use well.

He lead his horse out as the stable hands led out the other horses. He mounted and act like he was paying attention, as he weaved leather strips trying to make a blackjack.

Artimis wanted Serenity to help him with his cat impersonations, he wanted to work on his sword skill with Vader, he wanted to use this thieving gear, and see if Glenn would teach him how to use a .mace. Plus the homework the Abbot gave him and the Dwarven book he was reading.

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