One dead..

As Artimis rose, he was fuming he pressed the vial in the assassins dagger counted to three, turned and threw the dagger hard. He had aimed for the loud mouth. The blade tumbled smoothly missing the back of a waitresses head Plunging in the Loud mouth’s raised arm between the radius and ulna. The hilt stoped and the point stuck out the back of the arm. The poison dripped creating black spots where it slashed on the table.

The man’s drink splashed as the impact splashing on his friend as severed muscle, nerves and the major vessels that took blood to and from the hand reacted to the trauma. Artimis knew the man was dead when the knife flew. It would be just a short time till he bled to death and or the poison took I’m. Artimis wasn’t sure what poison that was, but he would be cleaning that knife a few times before wielding it again.

The place erupted into a brawl and Artimis walked in it like a demon dancing in fire watching the man. That was till a barmaid cold cocked him with a beer stein and he dropped to the floor.

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