Scrambled Eggs

It was quiet only the sound of the forest and its animals as the day when on the party pushed through the first day capping that night off the road near the river. The party ate talked and did what ever the party needed to do. As the night continued on Glenn pulled some scrolls out and reading them, he really did not talk unless asked something. He had a different demeanor about him. it was Glenn no drought it was him but a different side of him. not seen before.

While they each had time to themselves Miles took out his magic flute and played a song.


As he played he got into the groove as he let his mind go blank as the beat took him to a more pleasant mood. Since everyone was on edge since they left Miles needed to unwind with some music. Since the others didn't complain about his music he played for himself. Of the things he did miss in his past music was one of them. In this world he finally had women, money and dragon power. He was finding he really preferred life in this world a lot more since he was no longer burdened by his burnt and mangled body and loneliness. True he looked like a he got an orange spray tan now, which was why Glenn gave him an odd look before they left, but he figured it didn't matter since he still had a harem waiting form him back home. After a decent dinner with the others he crashed with Maxx and a fur blanket.

The night was boring nothing seem to get near the party even the animals kept away. The next day the party was on the road early. Riding through the day the pushed there mounts a bit to make it through the town of Old Oak and to Old Oak tavern and Inn. With no problems they arrive just as the night started. Putting the horses in the with the help of the stable boy. You walk in Glenn has Artimis walk in first with Miles then Glenn Vader And Serenity in what animal form she maybe in walking with Glenn.

An Older gentleman walks up as you inter “hello, masters and lords I am Aurelian The owner of this establishment. Take a seat at an empty table someone will be with you shortly.” He says with a smile. As the party sits the place has a good amount of people in the Tavern. Glenn dose not removed his hood he stays cloaked as he sits. A barmaid walks up and asks the party what they want to drink and asks if they want the Deer stew bread and cheese. She gives Miles a very warm smile. Other barmaid passes by and pets Serenity trying to Feed her. The food and drink come quickly as the bards play songs and sing.

Miles smirks at the flirty barmaid as he calmly checks her out. If he wasn't on a mission he would gladly take her out back for a tussle in the hay. Sadly being around a bunch of drunk guys demanding more ale killed the mood for him and he kept quiet. So he eats his food and drinks his wine. It was not bad but he had gotten a bit spoiled by his harem's cooking, as well as their desert menu. He wasn't sure if it was because he had to go without for so long or his dragon blood but his libido definitely higher than normal.

In the corner a table get a little loud as the men there get drunk. They start to draw the attention in the room. Hearing them Talk of how things will change. One man slaps the other on the back. “It will be nice when All the Inquisitors are dead, we can do as we wish and make the rules. I like how Lord Vonmarkal killed the Stone gate Inquisitor and hung him from the walls. Now that is an Adventure. Now we can take out the North Gate Inquisitor we can have all this land and do what we want” the man says. One of the other men looks over an NPC “don’t forget us you know we are behind you, but we need land too.” He said drunk. The bigger guy looks back at the two “We don’t forget are friends.” He replies. The NPC says “I heard someone tried to try to kill him, but his friends intervened and saved the Inquisitor what a shame” the man laughs.

Miles frowned as he knew this was going to end badly. He noticed Glenn was remaining calm as Miles ate his meal. He sucked the food from his teeth before sipping his wine. To be honest he really didn't care about the life of the jerk NPCs but since it was going to be related to their mission he knew they were going to have to deal with them. It made him sad since this was going to keep him from knocking boots with the barmaid.

People in the Tavern look complexed at what the men were saying but to afraid to say something. Glenn Motions for everyone to hold. Then says really loudly “they should have sent more assassins, Damn Inquisitors, who do they think they are if one was here, we should take him out back and beat him to death.” He says with a grin on his face. The three men stand rising their drinks into the air. “We will drink to that!” they yell. Glenn snaps the cloak lose as he stands rising his ale into the air. As the cloak falls away, there are gaps and whispers through out the room. The three men’s eyes widen one was going to say something when cut him off “to late for you” he says in a dark tone he raises his hand in to the air he says some words and a large war hammer appears in his hand. “I would like them alive if possible, Vader.” He says with an evil grin. The big adventure draws his magic sword. “This sword is called Black Razer and you will find out why” He warns.

Miles sighs as they three NPC goons have a deer in headlights expression as Glenn and Vader are blatantly challenging them with their rather intimidating weapons. Miles almost felt sorry for them but hell he could careless if they lived or died to be honest. He just wanted to finish the mission so he could go home and play doctor with his harem. Seeing as the crowd was scared and the waitress that was eyeing up like desert was holding some ale mugs, he figured he should make it easier on them and reduce the damage to the place.

As Artimis rose, he was fuming he pressed the vial in the assassins dagger counted to three, turned and threw the dagger hard. He had aimed for the loud mouth. The blade tumbled smoothly missing the back of a waitresses head Plunging in the Loud mouth’s raised arm between the radius and ulna. The hilt stoped and the point stuck out the back of the arm. The poison dripped creating black spots where it slashed on the table.
The man’s drink splashed as the impact splashing on his friend as severed muscle, nerves and the major vessels that took blood to and from the hand reacted to the trauma. Artimis knew the man was dead when the knife flew. It would be just a short time till he bled to death and or the poison took I’m. Artimis wasn’t sure what poison that was, but he would be cleaning that knife a few times before wielding it again.
The place erupted into a brawl and Artimis walked in it like a demon dancing in fire watching the man. That was till a barmaid cold cocked him with a beer stein and he dropped to the floor.

Since Artimis went and triggered a bar room brawl he had to change his attack. So without warning or any flashy moves he burst from his chair quickly and punched one of the NPC goons squared in the family jewels. Miles already had enhanced strength to begin with, but after it was boosted by Gale he quickly realized by the impact was a lot higher than normal. The poor NPC goon could only let out an "OOOOFFF!!!" as his family eggs were crushed and leaving him as a eunuch. In fact the hit was so hard his metal cod piece was turned inside out.

Once the NPC goon hit the ground hard Miles simply grabbed him by the scruff (including his skin) and quickly dragged him to towards the door. He avoided the attacks of the patrons and shoved them aside as he made his way out the door. Then the waitress who was flirting with him got knocked into him. He quickly grabbed her by the waist and took her outside. At first she resisted till she saw it was Miles smiling at her. Then she blushed beet red as she was hoping this was going somewhere.

After he left the Tavern he tossed the goon on the ground and proceeded to brake his arms and legs to keep him from trying anything funny. Glenn could always heal him if he wanted. The poor goon was out like a light from the pain. When he wakes up he will probably cry. Miles then summoned Maxx and put the goon on Maxx who was not to happy about it as she snorted steam.

Miles: Its just till Glenn tells me what he wants to do with him.

Miles then patted Maxx on the neck as she snorted steam.

Miles: Thanks girl.

Miles then took Maxx, the prisoner and the barmaid to the stables. The barmaid was flustered and concerned by what Miles had in mind. Seeing as she nervous he pulled out a baseball size bag of gold and gave it to her.

Miles: Its your tip for your service.

Her jaw dropped as she saw the bag in her hands and opened it. It was more money that she would make in ten years and he was calling it a tip. After that it didn't take much for her to open her heart and legs to Miles. So while the patrons and the players were going wild in the Tavern, Miles was enjoying his quality time praying to God with the bar maid. They prayed a lot as they waited for the others to find them by the stables. Miles was hoping they would take longer so he could get some extra praying sessions in before they had to leave.


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