Secret attack number twelve!

“I would like them alive if possible, Vader.” Glenn asked, drawing his blade.

"I do not understand why you constantly request that I spare the lives of those beneath yourself, Inquisitor. However, I am in your debt...," Vader said, rising from his chair and drawing his sword.

Artimis immediately chucked a dagger at one and went charging in. ...And just as immediately, was clobbered by a mere bar wench and knocked out. Then Miles nutt-punched another man with such force that even Vader cringed. Then he more or less kidnapped a bar wench and walked out.

As he turned back towards the remaining enemies, he locked eyes with an iron clad fighter. The man was muscular to say the least- he had to be to manage such heavy armor. And he weilded an oversized war hammer.

"As the Inquisitor requested, I shall try not to kill you," Vader said.

"Hah! Kill me? I'm Rad-Man! Just watch as I crush you!" the fighter spoke back from within his grey helm.

He swung his hammer and Vader sidestepped the blow with relative ease.

"You're faster than you look, knave!" the fighter said, retracting his weapon.

"You talk too much," Vader said, adjusting his stance.

Then he attacked. He easily slipped through the oaf's defenses. But he was so well armored that where ever Vader struck he just hit iron. Sparks flew but no real damage was done. Rad-Man stumbled back before realizing exactly that.

"Hah! I'm Rad-Man! Once I'm done with you, I'm comingfor him," he yelled, pointing at Glenn.

By now, everyone had cleared to the far edges of the room.

"Fool! None my harm him until I've gathered to power to bring him back as a Death Knight," Vader spat back.

Rad-Man attacked again and Vader blocked it and parried. Again, he could do no damage and worse yet, took some himself. Undeterred, he went on the offensive, attacking with a flurry of blows so savage and visious that the force alone eat away at his foe's HP.

Suddenly, his efforts were rewarded with a blow to the ribs. It sent him stumbling backwards. Had he a need to do so, he'd have been out of breath on the floor. As it was, he'd taken some serious damage.

"Very well, cretin!" Vader said, driving his sword into the ground.

Rad-Man tilted his head, curiously at the change in tactics. And then Vader pulled a corpse out of his inventory and threw it at him. Everyone in the room could instantly tell by the smell, that it was thoroughly soaked in fuel. A tiny spark of onyx lightening flickered off of the Power Sword, igniting it as he threw it.

"Raise dead!" Vader cast from the spell book in his inventory.

Suddenly, Rad-Man had a flaming skeleton crawling all over him. The fool stumbled backwards, screaming like a pansy, and dropping his war hammer. Vader reached down, gripping the impractically large hammer. Then he swung it over his head, dredging a hole in the ceiling and bringing it down on the fighter's head. The force immediately crumpled his helmet, flattening the top entirely.

Incredibly, he still managed to get up. His eyes were crossed and he stumbled as he walked.

"Ram... Man...," he muttered, stupidly before falling back over.

"By Greyskull, he's still alive," Vader said, passing Glen on his way out.

The flaming skeleton followed close behind.

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