Open Door

“why dose everyone have to do thing on their own?” Mumbles Glenn. He steps forward just as Invicita walk in to the structure. “Beautiful Blackfar, can you cast a something to give us light” ask Glenn. He continued to move forward “Sir Vader, I wish you would act more like a knight than a butcher. I know this is all new to you, but I know you are keener than you act. Kara can you watch over Aetimis I will cover Blackfar” he says stopping at the door. He opens the door Glenn’s horse starts to walk away then fades in a portal of light. “Hu, that’s new.” He says.

Glenn felt everything around him. The chilly breeze blow though his armor the most grass at his feet the heard the building creaking. The hearing of movement of the creatures near them. This was all real. What he needed was time to think on all this. They had made it so far somehow. Glenn felt like he was training Basic soldiers all over again. Something told him that what they were looking for was not here anymore. Will this team pull together? can they do that is needed to survive his instincts say yes, but there actions say no.

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