moving on

Serenity flue above the group in the form of an raven. she watched over then and ahead of them on the path looking for danger as they moved on. As they came to camp Serenity turned into her human form and settled near a tree. she enjoyed the outdoor. it was one of the few places she felt at home. the night passed all to quickly for her and they were on there way again.

When they came to an inn serenity inwardly gowned. She heated being inside. its was unnatural and crowded. She chose to enter the tavern in the form of a wolf. she was right behind Glenn and not thrilled to here people talking about Killing glenn and his friend so casual.

She bared her teeth as Glen called his weapon to his hands. Then a fight broke out. serenity tried to help them pin the Men down. She tried to nip at them bit did not want to seresly harm anyone.

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