Waking up is hard to do..

The last thing Artimis remembered was the feel of warm ale splashing into his face as the metal ring of the stein impacted his jaw. The waitress looked nice from the angle he had looking up at her. She had a foot on each of his arms pinning him down as she continued to bash combatants that got close to her.

Artimis was enjoying the fan shot, not having the strength to move her and well, he was enjoying the view. The floor was fairly safe till she knelt down to grab a sword that had fallen near them in the fight. If he would have coughed or sneezed at that moment, he would probably have been cleaved through the gut or lower by the girl.

He was in a strange spot, he wanted to get back into the fight and he didn't. He wanted Glenn and Vader to stop this and he could stay right there for as long as he could. Okay, the young lady made this whole experience, pleasant would be the word he would use.

On her right hand thumb was a ring with the guild stone in it. Throwing that dagger had announced him as an assassin and he had not thought through the ramifications.

The words "guild protection" came to his mind. This kind of protection did not mind. She was wearing a dark suit under her skirt, still he could enjoy looking at that too. He faked being knocked out still so he could continue to enjoy the view.

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