Could Have Gone Better...

Glenn calls for his as well. “mount up we go to the palace.”

During the chaos, Ash had grabbed Sun and easily carried her outside. Using her glamour to make them both disappear, she was able to avoid people and stick to the shadows as much as possible before it all ended.

When her glamour faded and the library was no more, she set Sun down and stood in silence. The cat upon her shoulders had clung to her and faded into the dark cloak she wore, becoming part of her now.

"Well, that could have gone better, Glenn..." She muttered and walked over to him with Sun close behind. "Do you always leave behind ruins wherever you go? Or, is this an exception?" She said sarcastically as she took the time to take a restorative for her points and crossed her arms. "At least Miles back there focused on the people and not destroying the building."

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