In Distress?

Miles coughed up his acid spit and made a sour face. He hated to use it since it gave him a stomach ache and killed his taste buds for a whole day. Then he backed up and told the knights to close and lock the door again. Miles turned to the others who were a good ways off.

Miles: You two join the others I will catch up after I block the door. Tell them to get moving.

Knights: But sir?

Miles: DO IT NOW!!

The two knights ran back to their group to report what Miles had done as they saw him casting another spell. As they looked back they saw Miles creating a wall of ice connected to the double doors.

The sword was keeping him alive though allowed him to get hit a few time to “teach” him to listen. He figured this would be over when the contract was signed.

“Yes, my young Padawan, give into the power of the Dark Side and together we can rule...” The voice in his head said.

“I’m not a Jedi,” Artimis said. He wanted to be Lando, maybe Hans, but Hans always had girl troubles. “I am more into Spaceballs,” he said.

Shaking his head Glenn let out a sigh as people ran outside, He really did not want to let the city know he was there yet but to late now. he turned to Ash and sun “stay near me time to finish this.” He said. As the ran outside the library the battle had started. A sea of people fighting in the street. He stood at the top of the starts he raised his hind into the air “Suman Deum de Deo!” said Glenn with a flash of light a Mace appeared in his hands. “Deum de Deo, Divinum Lumen!” he yelled. a light shot into the sky as the aera glowed. He ran and jumped forward landing at the bottom of the stairs slamming his mace into the ground. A ripple of grounded moved out knocking over the guards in the street. From the alleyways Knights all female appeared dressed in shiny plate armor all with the Inquisitors marks on their shields joining the battle. One of them seen before approaching Glenn earlier at the gate. She gives a sword salute to Glenn and with a nod Glenn answers back.

The battle raged there must have been over 100 people in the street fighting. The party taking guards easily. A dark cloud appeared. A man dressed in black robs appeared he raised his scythe into the air. The dead that did not dissolve a way in light started to rise. There eyes glowing a deep red. And joined back in the fight.
It did not take long to know who it was The Liberian “I said I would get my revenge Grayston!” he yelled. as the party and others were quickly outnumbered. Glenn saw the dead coming he slammed his mace hilt into the ground “Dei castra, Deum de Deo!” a circle of light appeared around him and most of the party. As the undead slowed their bodies started to burn in the light as they stepped into it. standing up Glenn “I will not fear you!” it looks as if Glenn was about to do something else then a flash of light came from no ware.

An Eleven wizard steps out of the shadows. Lighting shot out from his hands “Chain lighting” echoed in the street. As the lighting jumping from the undead as the undead burned up. Almost half were destroyed in seconds. He continues to walk forward he puts his hand forward “Havens fire” a flame emerges from his hand towards other undead consuming all of them in its path. The wizard not even breaking his stride not even a sweat. As the ashes fall to the ground the wizard stops about halfway into the street. “I have been looking for you Glenn. and I will be with you in a second” he says as he passes Glenn. He rises his other hand “Don’t know who are what you are but I have had enough of you The Liberian, time for you to eat shit!” ten projectiles shot form his hand as they impact around The Liberian they explode erupting in to fire. The blast almost knocks everyone off their feet.

As the fire and smoke clears there is nothing but a crater where The Liberian was standing. The elf shakes his head “dam, he got away. he turns to Glenn “You moron been looking for you” He yelled walking to him. The female Paladin walked towards him. “saving your ass again that makes three you owe me Glenn.

Glenn smiled and chuckled some “Danice, nice to see you to, and that Chief or Sir to you.” he said laughing. She laughs some “well you’re not in the army are you anymore.” As the Elf wizard got closer “Danice, Glenn, I don’t see anything funny here” he said with a big smile. Glenn looked over the elf. “Orion, I thought you left the company?” asked Glenn. The Elf looking a bit confused “I did I woke up about two weeks ago here in the game. don’t know how I got here.” he said.

As the party got around Glenn and the others Glenn look at the party “this is Danice, O, I mean Sister of Knights and Will, or the elf wizard Orion. I know them on the outside. Orion, well he helped design the gear you use in RL. And all the magic and effects in the game the only Avator that knows every spell in the game no matter what form” said Glenn. as Glenn was talking Danice walk and started to stair at his ass. “yup still glad I save that ass of yours Glenn, your avatar still looking good and not too bad in real life.” She comments. Glenn blushes some “A ya thanks I think” says Glenn. She turns and look towards the center of the city. “well the others should be at the palace by now. I think it’s a good time to get going and finish this.” He says she starts to walk as a knight brings her horse.

Glenn calls for his as well. “mount up we go to the palace.”

After escaping the chaos of the destruction, Miles used his Buff to increase his Strength and Dexterity so he could plow through the enemy guards. He was not focused on killing the enemy as much as disabling them or incapacitating them so they were out of the picture. If they had allies they would stop fighting long enough to aid their allies and allow Miles to fight less numbers. It was an old strategy he learned long ago after wounding the legs of goblins in large numbers. Regardless of hos beef your character was, they could still get swarmed by sheer numbers.

Using his increased strength he hurled barrels, wagon wheels, weapons and bodies at the enemy to slow down their momentum as he slowly made his way towards the other side where Glenn and the others escaped to. He wasn't sure who destroyed the building but his money was on Vader making a mess since it seemed like his style. Miles was worried the females were not hurt in the destruction since, since he was hoping to hook up with the female librarian again.

He found her to have a hidden naughty side despite her strict side she displayed in public. he wondered if she would join his harem but the odds were bad since she worked for the paladins and would most likely end up at the other Library back home. As he said the word home he smirked as he realized he was becoming partial to this world since it was much better than his real world where he was stuck in that hospital bed as a crippled burnt victim and all alone. At least here he was able to move, fight and love again. He was very fond of Maxx his copper golem steed, his new home and his harem of former prostitutes these days and was not about to let anyone or anything take that away from him.

So he pounded on a large numbers of Mercenaries, Briggands, guards and thugs till he fund himself surrounded by them. Then he cast an AOE spell on them called Time Stop.

Time Stop PHB: (1d4+1 turns in a row lets you do a lot to trivialize an encounter. If you want to be extra mean about it, you could drop a Delayed Blase Fireball, wall off the area with something like Stone Shape, then teleport away.)

The attackers within 120 feet of Miles got affected rather quickly and the few who resisted tripped on the ones in front of them. Miles wasted no time casting his second spell to deal with the large numbers with a second AOE spell. Then as the attackers were moving at Mock Turtle Speeds, Miles cast the spell called Wierd.

Weird PHB: (Like Phantasmal Killer for every creature in a 30-foot radius. Fine conceptually, but not good enough at this level. Targets which suffer the full effects will take 40d10 damage in total, but compare that to the 40d6 up front from Meteor Swarm or 14d6 and Stunned from Psychic Scream. Weird just can't compete.)

The attackers were now struck with both fear and damage as they were unable to flee due to being in slow motion. Miles then leapt to a nearby wagon full of clear alcoholic spirits in barrels. Then he hurled the barrels on the wagon randomly into the crowd of wounded and slow moving attackers. Some attackers got nailed by the barrels as they burst open on impact. Then Miles grabbed a nearby torch on the ground and hurled it into the crowd and watched with a smirk as they ignited quickly. They slowly screamed as they caught on fire before the Time Stop spell began to wear off. It was weird to see the attackers go from being in slow motion and then back to normal as they began screaming wildly as they were on fire and running into other on fire.

Miles then raced off in the direction of where Glenn and the others were on foot. he wanted to summon Maxx but it was difficult as he had to beat down a brigand passing by him. Then he ran into six more brigands as he was summoning Maxx back. At first the brigands believed they held the advantage till Maxx showed up and sent several of them flying before he stomped a few others. Miles nailed two of them with a sinning attack combo. And as Miles smiled at Maxx he saw a prison wagon with a cage on the back of it. In the cage were several female slaves in ragged clothing. Miles saw a Wood Elf, a 2 Tailed Fox Girl, a Bear Girl, a Bovine Girl, a Half Green Dragon Newt Half Human and a Centaur. Seeing that this was a golden opportunity he had Maxx hook up to the wagon as Miles climbed aboard and pulled out a thorn whip from his pouch of holding. Maxx took off quickly as Miles used the whip to smack any attacks that came near them.

During the chaos, Ash had grabbed Sun and easily carried her outside. Using her glamour to make them both disappear, she was able to avoid people and stick to the shadows as much as possible before it all ended.

When her glamour faded and the library was no more, she set Sun down and stood in silence. The cat upon her shoulders had clung to her and faded into the dark cloak she wore, becoming part of her now.

"Well, that could have gone better, Glenn..." She muttered and walked over to him with Sun close behind. "Do you always leave behind ruins wherever you go? Or, is this an exception?" She said sarcastically as she took the time to take a restorative for her points and crossed her arms. "At least Miles back there focused on the people and not destroying the building."

After a while he eventually caught up to Glenn and the other with the wagon of slaves being pulled by Maxx. After pulling up he smirked as he spoke up.

Miles: There are a lot of uninvolved NPCs here. How are we gonna end this?


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