Cat scratch fever!

"It's been too long He-Man!" Battle-Cat roared, his massive paws propelling them through the embattled city at dizzying speeds.

"I told you, I go by Vader now," his rider said.

"Very well, Vader," Battle-Cat said.

Ahead of them, militia soldiers were struggling to hold back a tide of enemy combatants. With a nudge from Vader's heel, Battle-Cat sped up and leaped over the beleaguered militiamen, landing amongst the brigands. Four were immediately crushed underfoot. A swing of his sword, and Vader brought down a further twelve. Some charged and others fled, but all met their bloody end that day.

When all was said and done, Vader found himself drawn to a palace at the center of the city. It appeared to have been spared the ravages of battle. Glenn and some of his knights were already there, as was Morganna and her two knights, and the two elf women.

"Well, that could have gone better, Glenn...," the one calling herself Ash muttered.

"Vader, who is that?" Battle-Cat asked.

"Who?" Vader asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Her," Battle-Cat said, pointing with his nose.

"Oh, her... some slutty elf. Ash, maybe?" Vader said.

"No, on her shoulder. She's looking at me that way, you know?" Battle-Cat said, indicating the cat on Ash's shoulder.

"No! You know what happened last time!" vader chided.

Battle-Cat groaned but dropped the subject.

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