The Problem With Magical Cats

Ash was thoroughly irritated by the circumstances, making her way along all the chaos with Sun close by. The cat upon her shoulders continued to purr suspiciously, but she paid it no mind in order to kill a few more annoying enemy soldiers with her claws.

"If I didn't know better I'd say this game just loves to piss me off..." She muttered before her cat rose up upon her shoulders slightly. Blinking, she turned her head to spot Battle-Cat and Vader talking, both looking in her direction. "What? You want to talk to the cat-like one, Zula? I don't think so...remember what happened to your last boyfriend?"

Sun's giggle behind them was answer enough.

"Look, you can go...wait, what are you doing?" Before the words were even out of her mouth, the cat had faded into her armor and become part of the data within it. "Shit, get out of my armor! I said stop that! Stop!"

Angry noises mixed with a lot of cursing escaped Ash as grey cat ears and a tail appeared on her. Sun began to laugh and pointed toward the darkly dressed elf. "You should see yourself!" She giggled out.

Ignoring Sun's laughter, Ash grabbed a nearby soldier and smashed his face into a wall a few times to get out the anger. Grabbing at her hood, she pulled it down over the cat ears and did her best to hide the tail. "I hate you right now, Zula!" She screamed. "When I get to the next market, you are so getting sold to some mage!"

Sun continued to giggle as they moved along.

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