Distractions From Her Concerns

Once they arrived at Red Rose Manner, it had been entertaining to see Glenn get manhandled. Not too much got the shadow walker to audibly laugh, but that had done the trick for Ash.

After being informed they could rest, Ash stuck to a chair for the most part and half glanced down at Battle-Cat. She had no real problem with him so long as he didn't do any damage. Her mind was still elsewhere, worries escalating over what she had learned before their travels to this place.

"Are you going to constantly follow me around, Battle-Cat?" Ash inquired in an attempt to distract herself. "I'm not completely a cat, you know. We aren't what one would call physically compatible."

Even as she spoke to him, a face flashed across her mind. The claws of her right hand elongated and twitched at the memory. She could still feel the blood splatter on her face, see those dark eyes glaring up at her as she killed the only true friend she had ever known.

Or, so she thought...

The information collected told her otherwise and she now worried for her life. It made her believe sticking with these people was a good idea, but she also did not wish to endanger them. Too bad there was a giant cat infatuated with her and she had a sneaking feeling that if she left, he would somehow drag her back.

Sighing heavily, she curled upon the chair and rest her chin on her knees. "I don't think I should stay with all of you. Something nasty is going to come for me eventually and I really don't want to pull you into it." Her gray eyes were on Battle-Cat again.

There was no one else to speak with and she felt discomfort in even attempting to talk with the others. Hell, even talking to Battle-Cat of this issue worried her. Would he start asking questions?

God, she hoped not.

Sun was sitting in her own chair near Morganna, staring at both Battle-Cat and Ash with too much curiosity. "She's hiding something..." She muttered loud enough to be heard.

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