Little light

It was good to get out of the town and get back on the road. He knew he would be back in that city again sometime. The memory of the battle would haunt him as the smell of human blood. The Heraldry, the parade of flags and pendants, used to send messages of who was important left him, perplexed and amused. Why telegraphy who is coming? Any smart Archer would watch for the party, pull and ambush and fire an armor piercing cross bolt through the knight and the horse.

Artimis mostly kept his nose into the books. He was struggling with his demon and angel. He looked for the kid, only catching a quick glance of him riding with the support staff.

Artimis smiled as the knights on the side of the road cheered Vader.

When they made camp, Artimis enjoyed the evening sitting by the fire reading. He did not even bother to setup a tent, resting near the campfire till his eyes closed.

As the morning came, he continued. He would look up and watch the world around him as he passed. He let himself fall back with the servants trying to hear the gossip of the court. Servants normally know more about what is going on, but they mostly just made small talk.

When the met the court, Artimis was near the back of the procession. He watched and listened. He was shuffled up with the group bu the retainers as they approached the Red Rose Manor. He handed over his horse and let the servants handle most of his gear. The manor and Silvermyst were nice. But, Artimis wasn't in the mood for nice. He was troubled and he just wanted to figure this stuff out. What he needed was something to focus his mind.

With the sword strapped to his side he closed his eyes and started to recite a prayer from the book. Artimis said, "Ostende signo luminate." The sword stopped him and corrected his pronunciation and the dagger in his hand started to glow. Artimis never stopped to think of why the sword would help him. He had not declared who he would be a Cleric for, so the sword was still hopeful.

Artimis was excited that something happened. He had not thought about what it would mean.

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