I.C.E.S for short

Glenn with Orion and the Baroness seen to get into an argument harsh tones are used as they whisper. Then Glenn said out loud “I am sorry, that is reality for us.” the Baroness storms off visibly upset. Glenn give a sigh “go, Orion tell them what we know” said Glens his tone sad. Orion strikes the ground twice with his staff to get everyone’s attention. He walks to the middle of the room “Glenn said it would be a good idea to tell you what I know and why everything is so real.” He thinks for a moment. “I am one of the engineers that work on the devices you use to dive. I was also part of the team that helped put this game together. I guess you all know that for figured it out” he said.

Orion rases his staff and image of some equipment parts of the gear and computers one parts stars to glow. “This is what we call the Intelligent, Cybersensing, Existence, System or I.C.E.S for short. This reads your brain in a way and can give you information strait to your brain this allowing the information like smell to be sent to you and you can feel and other senses. Now you had the equipment in your upgrade kit that you needed for the update that just went in to affect. But it was to be disabled due to legal reasons. They wanted to make sure we were not reading peoples minds and storing information. Now if this is correct and the I.C.E.S is activated. Then that’s why the world is so real. The bad side is what happens here can have an effect on your body in the real world. There is safety’s in place, but I don’t even know if they are working. So you cant get cut but lets say but if you are stab in the heart with a sword your heart could react as if it that really happed and then send your body and mind in to shock and you die” said Orion then takes a sip of the goblet in his other hand.

Another image appears “this is the Flux Soul Interpreter or the FSI. This is the computer side of the technology. It is the translator of the computer and your brain. That’s how all this works” He says lowering the staff the images disappear. I was looking for the same thing you are. I call it the Mirror of Time. This was an old why from game could talk to the real world. From what I know it still can work. The mirror was never removed and still be used. I don’t know where it is, I don’t think anyone dose.” Orion told everyone.

“Now the time spent here compared to the real world I am not even sure before we thought it was 3 days in this world was on day in the real world. We are not so sure of that now. The system could be on hyper mode. 1 week in real world is 100 years in game time. What effect on the brain that will have I don’t even know completely, but you all will live through it with some possible memory loss. Death is interesting as I said before you really feel it. So, you can die. now the question if we bring you back to life fast enough might keep you from going into a deep shock also before you are erased from the system. Then we have a chance to resurrect you.

Orion pauses he seems to be waiting looking at the floor. Then back up at the fellowship. “The system has chosen all of you with or without your consent. As some type of heroes. To help solve this problem being trapped here in this world. Why I have no idea and we all have no chose in it. This is our new home are new world are new reality. You might not like it, but that is the way it is” said Orion as he walked to the side a bit. “Without All of you no one goes home. There are two sides of this system it seems. One trying to help you leave the other trying to stop you. I have no sight into the system to know who is on what side. What the NPCs call gods are the AI servers. They could be computers to us but gods here and run every aspect of are world. Just know we have been dragged here one way other some of don’t even know how. That’s all I got to say to you. Thank you for listening.” he said in concision. He sat taking sips of his wine.

Glenn walks to the middle “fellowship, any thoughts? we all know the position we are in. I still hold to my promise to try to get us back somehow. It starts with the Mirror of Time. Do we all agree on this mission and commit to it?” then he looks at Sun “except you, your too young. You will be returned to north Gate. We will head back to North Gate first to plan our next steps. We stay here for a few days and rest.” He looks everyone over. “Any moans, bitches, complaints, if you have something to say? Say it now” he said seriously.

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