Show & Tell

Orion pauses he seems to be waiting looking at the floor. Then back up at the fellowship. “The system has chosen all of you with or without your consent. As some type of heroes. To help solve this problem being trapped here in this world. Why I have no idea and we all have no chose in it. This is our new home are new world are new reality. You might not like it, but that is the way it is” said Orion as he walked to the side a bit. “Without All of you no one goes home. There are two sides of this system it seems. One trying to help you leave the other trying to stop you. I have no sight into the system to know who is on what side. What the NPCs call gods are the AI servers. They could be computers to us but gods here and run every aspect of are world. Just know we have been dragged here one way other some of don’t even know how. That’s all I got to say to you. Thank you for listening.” he said in concision. He sat taking sips of his wine.

Miles quietly sipped his wine as he listened to Orion's speech. Granted it did answer a lot of questions he wanted to ask, but it really didn't effect his desire to stay in the game. Sadly the only thing waiting for him in the real world was his burnt and broken body sitting on a hospital bed and his impending lonely death. He had no desire to return to that hell. Compared that that world he was in a paradise now. In this world he could train all he wanted, use magic, buy a fancy mansion, gain a large harem, live large, and become a true dragon in time. Since he had dragon blood he could live a long time in this world. So even though Orion felt guilty having to bear the bad news of the situation they were in, Miles was not fazed one bit. He simply drank his wine and pondered what the others might do.

Glenn walks to the middle “fellowship, any thoughts? we all know the position we are in. I still hold to my promise to try to get us back somehow. It starts with the Mirror of Time. Do we all agree on this mission and commit to it?” then he looks at Sun “except you, your too young. You will be returned to north Gate. We will head back to North Gate first to plan our next steps. We stay here for a few days and rest.” He looks everyone over. “Any moans, bitches, complaints, if you have something to say? Say it now” he said seriously.

Miles thought of the "Mirror of Time" and what it could do. He really didn't need the mirror for himself, but since he would rather Glenn have it over some moron with dubious plans. He scratched his head as he swallowed his wine. He grabbed a bottle off the table and poured himself another glass of wine. Of course the maids were at a loss as he was doing their job for them without a care for protocol. Then he downed the goblet of wine before setting it down and grabbing the bottle of wine. He drank from the bottle of wine and let the tart sweetness burn his throat to help wash away the acid burn from his acid breath. His lack of taste buds was the price of acid breath, but it was small potatoes compared to a lot of other trade offs. Miles swallowed his wine and wiped his chin with his sleeve and looked at everyone before he spoke up.

Miles: Names 1000 Miles Drunk. Most call me Miles for short. I don't know much about anyone here and I am sure that is the case for most of us since we all have stuff we don't want to share with the class. Normally I am a solo player so this Fellowship thing is a new experience for me. Since I met Glenn I have seen others come and go in this group for various reasons. I never asked and they never told us why they left. Sadly the only thing we all have in common is Glenn. Since he is an Admin, we need his help to adjust to this new lifestyle. Now I don't know who among us is eager to return home to their loved ones and need this Mirror thingy to do that, but I have no plans to return back to that world. There is nothing for me to return to and I would much rather live my final days here. Now that is all I plan to share with the class so if you pry I'll ignore you. So in short, I'll help you get the mirror and save the world, but I ain't leaving.

Miles then finished off the bottle of wine and left the group to head to the bathroom.


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