Good distraction...

Artimis was not sure what to do. He wanted to walk over and punch Orin in the mouth, really hard. That would not help or solve the problem, but it would feel really good at the moment. Two things were stopping him, the first was Orin could wipe the floor with him. The second was he was bound by his word to Glenn and the guild not to be an Ass, well that was how he understood it, while on duty. Fighting with a squad of guards, be they city or keep, just kept everyone on their toes.

Artimis nodded to Glenn with an “I am with you” look. Then walked out of the grand hall and headed for the roof to think. He needed some distance so the tattoos would stop hurting. He exited a second floor window and climbed till he made the main roof. He sat on the top of a ridge line.

He pulled the sword out and tapped his chin with the hilt. “Ah, my Padawan, you seemed troubled. Why didn’t you tell Glen and Orin that you modified your V.R. Rig? Are you afraid you caused all this?” The Emporer laughed. It was pure evil. “You betray them even now.” The laugh in his head grew louder as did the pain from the tattoos. Artimis wondered if his death would make things right.

From the left of him, the sound of stone sliding on stone rang, Artimis pressed the cold hilt of the sword against his head. When the stone stopped, Artimis asked “Yes, Lord Inquiter?” Two stars of footfalls came across the tile.

“Don’t you normally rise when a lady comes into your presence?” Abby asked in a noble tone. “Or you lost all civility in the last couple days?” The tone continued as someone who expected something to be done according to her will. Artimis rose and turned sliding slightly in the movement. The second set of feet were attached to the young man who gave him the books.

He moved his hand ushering Artimis from the ridge back to the ledge. Where there was room to sit, not a lot of room, but enough.
Artimis put the sword into his inventory. He had enough and did not want Palapatine involved with Abby. It laughed.

As they sat and listened to the young man recite the dwarven alphabet, Abby put her hand on his and leaned back against him. He did not know that she knew who he was and got into the game because of him. She knew his witch of a former girlfriend, his classes, and the “friends” he had. She knew he was an overly smart idiot that missed every clue she had dropped. She also knew he was a nice guy.

Artimis closed his eyes and breathed in the sent of her hair and the feel of her body. He wanted to wrap an arm around her. He was okay being trapped here

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