A Long Night

Miles then finished off the bottle of wine and left the group to head to the bathroom. He was not feeling to social after Orion dropped his big news on the crowd. It was obvious many did not take it well as they left the meeting. After doing his business in the bathroom he washed up and headed to the men's bath to unwind. At the moment it was empty and Miles had the whole place to himself. Using a bit of fire magic he heated up the water to make it more comfortable. He was glad he chose a mage and monk duel class since he could make his everyday lifestyle much easier. After his accident bathing was a brutal event since his body was covered in burns. Now he could bath in warm water and it felt amazing. he had no plans to give this lifestyle up.

As he soaked in the hot water he popped his joints to help ease his tension. Then he got an urge for some sake. So he opened up his inventory and pulled out a large bottle of sake, a sake cup and a floating wooden bucket tray to set them on. After a few cups of sake he felt warm in his belly. The alcohol definitely helped him relax a lot as he let out a long sigh and stretch. This world was not real but it had a lot of perks like recovery magic, no worries about liver damage from drinking to much and no STDs.

At this point Miles was missing his harem and wanted to see them again, but he had an obligation to Glenn for helping him settle down and avoiding any hassles. He continued to drink his sake in peace as his mind flashed back to many of his past experiences. He had many regrets in his mind, heart and his body as he reflected on his past choices. He wished things could have turned out differently, but knew wishing was not going to change the past for him. So he drank and drank till the bottle was empty. Then he got up and dried off before getting dressed.

He wandered the halls for a bit till he was found by a maid who took him to his room. Since he had a lot of alcohol in his blood, Miles was a bit handsy with the cute maid and using his charm he managed to persuade her to join him for a night cap. A bottle of expensive wine later. Miles and the cute maid could be heard praying to the almighty from behind the locked door. Though the maid was not very religious, she was praying quite loudly as she embraced Miles tightly. Miles could care less how loud she was since he was no longer thinking about dark stuff. Alcohol and womanizing kept his mind in a happy place so he found it pleasurable on a multitude of ways. The two went at it till the wee hours of the morning before they passed out from exhaustion.

Then next day Miles woke up feeling very heavy and tired. Somehow he managed to crack his eyes open and look around through his foggy vision. At first he thought he was seeing things as he looked around, but no matter hw many times he blinked he saw the same thing. Apparently he was not sleeping with one maid, but three instead and one of which was on top of him. He wondered how drunk he was to have this much fun and not remember it. Seeing as how cute the maids were he shrugged and went back to sleep. He was tired and needed more rest. His mind drifted off as he passed out with the three out cold cute maids.

Apparently they were found by another maid who woke up the three maids and scolded them for waking up late for their morning duties. Miles did his best to ignore the head maid and went back to sleep for a few more hours. Sadly the head maid woke him up and insisted he get ready to join the others for breakfast. Miles groaned a bit before sitting up and stumbling out of bed in the buff. He didn't realize he was nude till the head maid gasped at him. Seeing as she left him alone afterwards he got dressed and headed to the dining hall.


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