Nightmares Are A Thing

Ash listened intently to everything Orion explained, happy for the distraction from her personal concerns. She felt pathetic for caving in and letting her guard down around Battle-Cat. She knew it was never a good idea to let others know her past.

She was not ready to admit that it had been the she who vexed the person out to kill her. Not the other way around.

Leaning down, Ash gently scratched Battle-Cat behind one of his ears and hopped from the chair. "I need to bathe and get some rest. Tomorrow is most likely going to bring more travel." She explained and walked off to do just that.

Upon finding a place to bathe, she gladly cleaned off her dirt and sweat covered body. The entire time, she could only think of what Orion had explained. A part of her worried that this meant her real world body suffered. Of course, there was so much logic against any real harm coming to her physical body. If any harm occurred to her in the real world it would be to her brain as Orion explained.

Shaking her head, Ash slipped from the bath, dried off and got dressed before going down the hallway to find a place to sleep. She passed Miles on the way, only offering him a glance as he disappeared into a room with a maid. Whatever he did was none of her business.

Besides, she doubted any of them really wanted to get to know another "elf slut" as Vader put it. Deep down the insult bothered her, but she refused to let someone's words cut her like they used to. It just proved how prejudice he was against the race she had chosen. At least Battle-Cat was not judging her for what she was...mostly.

She had the sneaking suspicion that the undead cat only wanted her because of what Zula, the cat, had done.

Finally finding a room, she curled up on the bed and let out a heavy sigh. Grabbing her dagger, she slid it beneath her pillow and kept it gripped in hand before drifting off into slumber where the nightmares awaited her.

After a long night of waking multiple times thanks to the dreadful nightmares, Ash got up and returned to the main hall to meet with everyone else. She prayed no one payed any attention to the obvious sleep deprivation written on her face.

Sun obviously did, but chose not to speak of it. Both women seemed to have a silent agreement that it was best to stop being so nosy.

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