Lord Elvalor announcement

Glenn was taken off guard by her questions and not sure how to answer “You have nothing to fear from Orion or my fellowship. It’s not you.” He paused thinking. “all of this is new to me being back here. I did not even know you….. he stopped talking. She turned and looked at him concerned “what is it? You thought I would not wait for you?” she said with a shaky voice. “No” said Glenn then continued “that’s not it. where I came from my realm you are a dream. You are what I have always wanted. It is unnerving to see my dream in front of me.” he said now looking into the fire. She looks back at the fire too. “I am just a dream to you? did we not grow up together did we not train with my dad with swords together? Did not become knights of Elohim and fight together?” Now a single tear ran down her face. “was that all a dream is this your way of telling me you don’t want to marry me?”

Glenn felt like the world was crashing around him he did not know what to feel what was real what was not. He softened his tone in his voice and answered, “you remember all that?” she looks back at him “yes” he looks at the ground not knowing what to say to her this is all real to her. She really experienced that life and love in her life. All he could do is stand there quietly. Then he looked up at her. “listen, how do you explain this he opened his panel and equipped his sword it appeared at his side on his belt. She looked at him and said “Magic” Glenn sighed and said, “but you know magic and you can’t do that? you can’t carry thing in bags you can’t see. How do you explain that Dawnyl?” she thought for a moment “all adventures from your realm have magic that not everyone has. Do you think it bothers me that you can do things I can’t? it is not that way. I like the fact your different you always have been. Glenn what is really bothering you?”

Glenn just wanted to scream at this point. “I am not from here and you might not be real I have no other way to say it!” he says angerly. He was taken back by his own statement. Her face changes to determination her intentions were absolute she ball up her fist. “Face the truth!” she says loudly. Her expression turned to anger. “You have made excuses for not being the leader you should be, dodging your reasonability’s to this land, to your friends and men.” She pauses to calm herself “you should be the High Inquisitor, No, I know people form your realm can not take that position. You are a lord! and a Lord Inquisitor one of the highest positions in the land and you still don’t see your destiny?” she crossed her arms standing there defiantly. “You need to do the right thing and stop hiding behind the excuse of being different and just be you! You that are to be!” Glenn was not sure if she was right. He was so conflicted. He turned towards the door wanting to just leave. The baroness looked at him. “look at me Glenn!” she yelled.

Glenn turning back to Dawnyl “I did not know you felt that way. I am trying to lead and help but maybe you are right I will never get back to my realm or my land.” Glenn looks in to Dawnyl eyes he reaches for her gently and pulls her in. their body’s press against together he could feel her every curve her heart beating the touch of her worm skin. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he put his around her waist. The embraced in a kiss that make the fire seem cold. She did not let him go even for a moment. they stood their passion rising in them. Their hearts betting faster and faster. Time seemed to slow as they continued. She stopped and stepped back her face a glow with happiness. “now that’s the Man I know and love.” She said. “I will take my leave now because if I don’t my father will kill us both, think on what I said my love. I will see you in the morning. She embraced him one more time and walked out of his room. He stood there dumbfounded what the hell just happen he thought to himself. he was overtaking by exhaustion him he had to get some sleep he got ready for bed. Laying down he did not even realize Vader had the answer look at him and his wife they even had a daughter. could he do the same how does that even work. Thinking on this he fell asleep Hearing his door open he opened his eyes the sun was coming through the window one of the servants said, “awake my lord time to get ready and breakfast. The Baroness and Lord Elvalor has an announcement this morning Lord Inquisitor.” He got dressed cleaned up and then he wore clothing instead of his armor.

He walked into the main dining hall everyone was there some with evil grinds they knew something he did not. He walked to the table to where the baroness and her father was standing, she looked stunning. She grabbed on to his arm and pull him in. her father walked behind them putting his hand on there shoulders. “I have an announcement to make.” He paused and smiled really big “that, the marriage ceremony of Glenn Grayston Lord Inquisitor and Dawnyl Elvalor Baroness of Silvermyst. I think they have put it off long enough with permission of his father High Lord Inquisitor Grayston and I Lord Elvalor of Silvermyst this ceremony will be conducted to night at sun set by Glenns Father. All the servants and guards start claping. Orion stood to his feet and started to clap as well almost laughing. You are all invited to attend. This grate joining.” Glenn shock could be seen on his face. He almost looked like he was going to pass out. The baroness reaches up and kissed him on his check. “Now eat and celebrate” said Lord Elvalor. Glenn just almost fell into his seat. He was just staring forward.

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