Stuck In The Middle

Then next day Miles woke up feeling very heavy and tired. Somehow he managed to crack his eyes open and look around through his foggy vision. At first he thought he was seeing things as he looked around, but no matter how many times he blinked he saw the same thing. Apparently he was not sleeping with one maid, but three instead and one of which was on top of him. He wondered how drunk he was to have this much fun and not remember it. Seeing as how cute the maids were he shrugged and went back to sleep. He was tired and needed more rest. His mind drifted off as he passed out with the three out cold cute maids.

Apparently they were found by another maid who woke up the three maids and scolded them for waking up late for their morning duties. Miles did his best to ignore the head maid and went back to sleep for a few more hours. Sadly the head maid woke him up and insisted he get ready to join the others for breakfast. Miles groaned a bit before sitting up and stumbling out of bed in the buff. He didn't realize he was nude till the head maid gasped at him. Seeing as she left him alone afterwards he got dressed and headed to the dining hall.

He walked into the main dining hall everyone was there some with evil grinds they knew something he did not. He walked to the table to where the baroness and her father was standing, she looked stunning. She grabbed on to his arm and pull him in. her father walked behind them putting his hand on there shoulders. “I have an announcement to make.” He paused and smiled really big “that, the marriage ceremony of Glenn Grayston Lord Inquisitor and Dawnyl Elvalor Baroness of Silvermyst. I think they have put it off long enough with permission of his father High Lord Inquisitor Grayston and I Lord Elvalor of Silvermyst this ceremony will be conducted to night at sun set by Glenns Father. All the servants and guards start claping. Orion stood to his feet and started to clap as well almost laughing. You are all invited to attend. This grate joining.” Glenn shock could be seen on his face. He almost looked like he was going to pass out. The baroness reaches up and kissed him on his check. “Now eat and celebrate” said Lord Elvalor. Glenn just almost fell into his seat. He was just staring forward.

As Miles made his way towards the dining hall he saw a few maids, butlers and guards going back and forth. Then he saw Glenn up ahead entering the dinning room. Miles was thinking of calling to him but he got bumped by a guard who was not paying attention. Ironically the guard was surprised when he was knocked to the floor while bumping into a mage. As he looked at Miles from the floor he fund himself speechless. Miles looked at the guard and shook his head.

Miles: You should be more careful.

Guard: Uh sorry sir. You are with the Lord Inquisitor Glenn Grayston?

Miles: Yeah. Why?

Guard: They are preparing for his arranged marriage. You are late sir.

Miles: Ohhh............. Well good for him.

Miles then made his way to the dining hall as the guard scrambled to his feet to return to his job. As Miles made his way to the dining hall he let out a big yawn and popped his neck before entering the doors. As he walked in he could see the excited nobles gathering around Glenn, who had a deer in headlights look on his face. Miles was not to concerned about the excitement as he found an empty seat at the end of the table. Since the maids were to far away and serving the nobles he served himself some food and wine, before he sat down and began eating. He was famished after he apparently had relations with three maids while he was sleeping.

He found it odd he could not remember the experience and he wondered if his drink was spiked last night. So to avoid that possibility he opened a new bottle of wine and poured his own drinks. The loud nobles didn't do much for the morning mood, but it was better than them fighting or arguing. The whole idea of a wedding was a bit rushed, especially since they were still dealing with dangerous enemies. It was obvious Glenn was being forced to marry, but he was a big boy and could always say no or make up an excuse about duty and mission to buy time if he was against it. Miles had no intention of interfering or interrupting. The food was decent but a bit on the bland side so Miles pulled out some Seasoning to add some flavor to the food. He wondered if they were gonna be stuck at this place for more than a week.


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