A humorous distraction

After screwing with the thief, Vader headed on to the dining hall where Lady De'Lyons and Morganna had already gothered. There, he finally found Glenn. However, the Inquisitor was more than a little disposed at that moment. He and the Baroness, along with a procession of servants and nobles were gathered at the head of the hall for some sort of formal address.

As he watched the spectacle unfold, Lady De'Lyons shuffled up next to him and put an arm around him.

"Wait and listen, my dear," she whispered.

Then an elderly noble began to speak, “I have an announcement to make.” He paused and smiled grandly, “that, the marriage ceremony of Glenn Grayston Lord Inquisitor and Dawnyl Elvalor Baroness of Silvermyst. I think they have put it off long enough! With permission of his father, High Lord Inquisitor Grayston and I Lord Elvalor of Silvermyst, this ceremony will be conducted tonight at sunset by Glenn's Father."

All the servants and guards started claping.

"You are all invited to attend. This great joining,” the old man concluded.

Glenn's shock could be seen on his face. The mighty warrior almost looked like he was going to faint!

Vader couldn't hold it in any longer, and apparently neither could Lady De'Lyons. They both burst into laughter. Morganna soon lost all semblance of composure and began laughing too.

"Lady Baroness whispered her plan to me on the way to the dining hall," Lady De'Lyons explained to Vader as she wiped a tear from her eye.

"My lady!" Vader said, addressing the Baroness loudly. "I shall be the Inquisitor's best man! And I swear to you on Castle Greyskull itself that, dead or alive he will arrive to his impending marriage!"

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