From realm to realm

"Lady Baroness whispered her plan to me on the way to the dining hall," Lady De'Lyons explained to Vader as she wiped a tear from her eye.
"My lady!" Vader said, addressing the Baroness loudly. "I shall be the Inquisitor's best man! And I swear to you on Castle Greyskull itself that, dead or alive he will arrive to his impending marriage!"

Glenn regains his composure he turns to the Baroness and her father “I should have some say in this” Glenn commented. “I must get ready for to night If you will, I will take my leave. Vader will you walk with me?” he asked Glenn turns and walks back towards his room.

As Glenn leaves Dawnyl walks up to Margarita “I know we have not known one other long, but I ask if you would be my made of honor?” She said smiling. Then she looked around to see who was close. “how do you deal with your relationship with Vader and you are being from the other realm. I know it weighs on Glenn much. I just don’t understand the problem. Love is Love does it matter where we are from? Dose different realms matter? What does he mean he wrote it to be like this? He is not a god so what dose he means buy that?” Dawnyl said bothered a little buy it.

Glenn was silent for a bit when they were a way from everyone. “Vader, I am not sure about this. I am from the real world, not this game, but I am trapped here. I was one of the writers of this part. She was programmed to be the way she is. So, knowing one day we could be called back to are own real world.” He paused “you are from this world what will you do when Margarita if leaves?” asked Glenn.

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