Slacking Away

"Lady Baroness whispered her plan to me on the way to the dining hall," Lady De'Lyons explained to Vader as she wiped a tear from her eye.
"My lady!" Vader said, addressing the Baroness loudly. "I shall be the Inquisitor's best man! And I swear to you on Castle Greyskull itself that, dead or alive he will arrive to his impending marriage!"

Glenn regains his composure he turns to the Baroness and her father “I should have some say in this” Glenn commented. “I must get ready for to night If you will, I will take my leave. Vader will you walk with me?” he asked Glenn turns and walks back towards his room.

As Glenn leaves Dawnyl walks up to Margarita “I know we have not known one other long, but I ask if you would be my made of honor?” She said smiling. Then she looked around to see who was close. “how do you deal with your relationship with Vader and you are being from the other realm. I know it weighs on Glenn much. I just don’t understand the problem. Love is Love does it matter where we are from? Dose different realms matter? What does he mean he wrote it to be like this? He is not a god so what dose he means buy that?” Dawnyl said bothered a little buy it.

Glenn was silent for a bit when they were a way from everyone. “Vader, I am not sure about this. I am from the real world, not this game, but I am trapped here. I was one of the writers of this part. She was programmed to be the way she is. So, knowing one day we could be called back to are own real world.” He paused “you are from this world what will you do when Margarita if leaves?” asked Glenn.

Miles quietly watched the drama unfold as he ate his breakfast at the big table. Hardly anyone was eating since they were all excited by the marriage ceremony. Once he was done he picked up his plate and put it on a the tray for dirty dishes since the maids were distracted by the Nobles. He snickered a bit when Glenn was trying to act reasonable. It was obvious he was not comfortable with the whole idea of marriage to an NPC. Miles understood that all to well since Glenn had plans to go home one day unlike himself who preferred to stay. It was a hard choice to live with since it involved giving up on the outside world and all the attachments that went with it.

After Glenn headed out with Vader, Miles heard the women talk about plans to get Glenn onboard with the whole marriage deal. Miles was really not in the mood for being part of that conversation since it was not his business. So he excused himself quietly and was relatively un-noticed by the others as he left with a bottle of wine in his hand. Since he was not a noble and didn't throw his weight around like Vader did, Miles figured it would be a good time to give them their space. So he left the manor and headed for the stables to find Maxx waiting for him.

Miles: Hey Maxy! What say we go for a ride, just the two of us?

Maxx snorted steam and cocked her head to the side.

Miles: Yeah Glenn is getting married either tonight or tomorrow. I honestly don't remember. The whole thing was planned last minute so its to stuffy in there for me.

Maxx nodded as she snorted steam.

Miles ran his hand through his hair and chuckled.

Miles: True, but I am not gonna hang around to find out. Glenn is an ally of course and I'll still help him since its in my best interests, but I feel out of place going to his wedding and all, especially if I am not invited.

Maxx snorted steam and shook her head. Then he grabbed Maxx's reigns and led him out of the stable.

Miles: No I am not abandoning them, I just need to get away from all the snobby nobles. Besides I doubt they will even notice I am gone. All they see is a drunk who can fight when he has to.

Maxx snorted steam and nudged Miles.

Miles: I love you too girl. You are my best friend and the only one who gets me.

Miles then got on Maxx's saddle and popped his neck as he put the wine bottle in his inventory and pulled out his flute. Then he popped his shoulder before he began to play a song as he slowly rode Maxx down a cobble stone road.

Song 1

Miles move to the beat of the song as he played with a lot of passion. He loved to play music since it reminded him of the good times in his past. Music was something he enjoyed doing as a child but he only did it as a hobby since his future was in the world of martial arts. Sometimes after his one night stands he would play to entertain the ladies. It made him a bit popular with his groupies to see a softer side of him. Maxx continued to listed to Miles play as she meandered down the road. She did enjoy his music and bobbed her head slightly side to side to the beat. When the song came to an end he moved on to the next one.

Song 2

Miles loved this song since it was what he played to get the ladies in the mood for quality time. Ironically in this world he didn't have to play the flute to get any action. His dragon blood had a high enough Charisma side effect to attract other mates. It did take the fun out of seducing the ladies though. Now he had a harem of mostly demi human female slaves he purchased and rescued. Ironically in this world he managed to accomplish everything he wanted back in his world. Here he was filthy rich, a strong martial artist, he had a huge mansion that resembled the mansion owned by a certain Mr. Hefner and a harem. To make it even better he had copper dragon blood, could use magic and had a huge storage in his inventory. Since he was in a groove he easily moved to the next song.

Song 3

As he played he and Maxx continued their unplanned ride as they enjoyed the scenery and music. It was moments like this he truly enjoyed without a care in the world. Here he didn't have to worry about schedules, and his reputation or public opinion. If he felt like going for a ride or enjoying some jam time he could do as he pleased. In a way he felt pity for Glenn who was being forced to live with all that responsibility while he got to enjoy all the freedoms. Of course he was not dumb enough to poke his nose into the matter since Glenn was a grown man who make his own decisions. As for the others..........well Vader was a good fighter but very creepy, Ash was the quiet antisocial type, Artimis was usually in over his head in mischief and sadly he forgot about the others already since they were out of sight and out of mind. The snarky animal girl apparently decided to set out on her own after the last big fight.

Song 4

At this point Miles practically forgot about the names and faces of the past members of the Fellowship. Their time was brief and easily forgettable for poor Miles who barely remembered them by their appearance. He figured if he left the group they might remember him as the drunk guy if they even remembered him at all. This is why he didn't feel an ounce of guilt for his lack of friendship with the others. They were merely allies of convenience for the time being. This of course was subject to change in the future. Compared to real friends they knew very little about each other. Miles barely knew anything about Glenn and the others and Miles hardly shared with the group as well. It was a waste of time to get to involved with anyone he was not going to get close to.

Song 5

Sadly Miles was picky when it came to opening up to anyone other than Maxx. Since Maxx was his golem he didn't have to worry being betrayed or double crossed. Maxx was very devoted to Miles but would still sass him when he was out of line. Miles liked their relationship and trusted Maxx to always be there for him to fill the emptiness in his heart. The money and harem helped Miles pass the time but in the end it was not love. After going through what Miles did in the real world, it was not surprising to see him close off his heart to others. It was hard to let others see him so weak and vulnerable so he simply avoided the trouble.

Song 6

Eventually they arrived at a pond or lake and took a rest as Miles played another song to help vent out his stress. Since his stats were high he found he could play for several hours without fatigue or pain. As he played he released his negativity and loneliness through song. He was glad the others were able to find something to keep them sane in this virtual world. He was not sure what the future held for him, but he had no intentions of going home or dying. He wanted to live a long life of pleasure. He could enjoy his time going on adventures with Maxx, spending quality time with his harem and exploring his dragon heritage. After playing his music he set up a campfire and started fishing. By chance he caught a large metallic rainbow colored edible fish similar to trout. After making a campfire he roasted the fish on a frying pan from his inventory with some seasoning, wine and vegetables and rice. Once he was done he drank from his wine bottle and enjoyed his lunch while resting against Maxx. After he finished his lunch he cleaned up and stared at the clouds with Maxx as they talked about the various cloud shapes in the sky. Hours went by as they lazed about.


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