Not my fight..

Artimis shrugged and headed for the building after feeling the horses that remained and grabbing the saddle bags and loosening the saddle strap. Then rubbed down the horses. He learned a bit about horses from his grandfather’s farm as a child.

He moved into the building and found a spot near the stone fireplace, he wiped out the common pot then rinsed it with water from his water skin. He put some of the meat, vegetables, and water into the pot. With a little bit of effort, and swearing, he got a fire going and started to cook a meal. He was tire and his thighs were sore. A couple broken tables and chairs he fed into the fire.

Artimis knew that eating wasn’t really needed in the game, but it kept his mind from the fact that his meat body was hungry. He sat leaning leaned back against the wall and ate.

When he finally bedded down and was nearly sleeping, the voices started to whisper in his head. Artimis, open yourself to us we will teach you the secrets of the shadows.” it paused for a moment and called again. Another voice piped in, Yes, Rachel, your first love dumped you for your best friend, but we can take that pain away and teach you so much more. In a little bit a seductive female voice chimed in softly, we can teach you to take what you want and you will never have to leave.. He spasmed hard as the Lurker touched his mesolimbic pathway.

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