Behind The Scenes

Miles made it back to town and made his way to the market looking for supplies and a wedding gift since it was required. Sadly he didn't find much he could give Glenn that he did not have already. The market was very busy for last minute customers and servants from the Manor. It was slim pickings as Miles made his way through the market from one side to the other and by chance found a Shop for Spirits.

In the shop there were many customers buying fine wines, barrels of ale and bottle of hard liquor. Miles was worried he would be out of luck again till he saw a glass display in the back with the high dollar good stuff. One item in particular caught his attention and made him smile. Miles then had a cute female cat girl demi-human servant fetch everything in the special case. At first she raised an eyebrow to him with doubt he could afford it till Miles pulled out a sack of gold and jingled it before her.

She quickly smiled as she made her way to the high dollar cabinet and began loading the boxes into a crate. Miles admired her backside as she swayed it side to side as she worked. She then noticed his eyes and naughty smile as she peered over her shoulder. She then blushed a bit and finished loading the boxes and bottles. In the crate were expensive wines and hard liquor bottles. Each one was in a wooden box for protection as well as decoration and included two glasses. Miles pulled out the box he planned to gift to Glenn for the wedding and smiled at it.

Then the cat girl servant asked Miles for the payment. Miles then payed the amount without haggling. Then he flirted with the cat girl who was playing hard to get but her blushing was obvious since she was interested. Once the transaction was completed Miles then put the crate in his inventory and flirted with the cat girl again. He asked her if she was interested in attending the wedding with him and she told him she had to work. Miles offered to pay her a months worth of wages for one date which made her nervous. Miles then told her he was a friend of Glenn but he was going to be sitting alone at a table during the wedding and needed a plus one.

The cat girl had trouble deciding till Miles gave her a large bag of gold to entice her. Then she told him she had nothing to wear and Miles searched his inventory till he found some women's clothing that would work. By chance he had a nice dress set that could boost her Agility and charm stats. The set included shoes, tights jewelry and a tiara. This got the attention of the owner as he approached Miles and asked what he was doing. Miles explained he just bought everything from the top shelf and needed a date for the wedding. After confirming with the cat girl named Mia, the owner agreed to let her off for the rest of the day.

Miles then waited outside as Mia got changed. While he waited he went ahead and wrapped up the gift box for Glenn and wrote a nice card that said, "Congrats on your wedding, 1000 Miles Drunk." Then shortly Mia the cat girl came out looking lovely and cute. Miles had to control his impulses to kiss her. After they got on Maxx they rode to the manor to the wedding. At the line Miles showed his invitation to gain entry with Mia. Then they moved to the next checkpoint and Miles signed in and dropped off his gift after warning them it had glass in it. Once they gained entry to the wedding they found their seats with the help of the ushers.

Wedding music

There was only one that looked better than Vader’s wife and daughter as they walked in as the music was played by the orchestra of bards was the bride. People stood as he walked in the dress was made of the best fabric embordered with what looked like string made of gold and silver of ornate patterns. With the sun setting the light shining form the back of the ceremony look as if there was a spotlight on the couple. Glenn’s Mom and Dad there going through the different ceremonial traditions everything in place and flaw less beautiful like something out of a movie. It took some time but at the end the couple turned to face the crowed. His father announces them married and intrudes then at Lord and lady Glenn and Dawnyl Grayston. He asked that people stand until the couple leave then he dismisses everyone to the main hall for the reception celebration.

Miles felt better having a date at the wedding since going solo was to much for him now. As it was he was only close to Maxx. As for the others he fought by their side but barely knew anything about them. Luckily Mia the cat girl was excited to attend such a lavish wedding. Since she was a poor servant girl working in a Spirit shop she didn't get many opportunities like this. As a demi-human she was not very popular with humans and due to her small chest she was popular with her kind. Miles on the other hand didn't dwell on such things as he was a lover of all women. Sadly he was not planning to settle for only one. After the wedding they left to the main hall to find their table.

Artimis skipped following inline to the main table, His gift was on the already received table and well, he would be invisible in this crowd and he was fine with that. Artimis found a spot with the entertainers and some of the guild security. He still carried his lamp, but set it down at the table.

At weddings receptions, there is the head table, nobles tables, the singles tables, the childrens' tables, the servants tables, then the peasants tables. If there was a table for the pets at the summer house Glenn's dead great grandmother twice removed, Glenn's wife servants would have placed him there. So, he sat with some of the entertainers and thieves. Most of the entertainers were up front. He was with the "security detail" to make sure the masses were safe from any independent agents.

Miles wanted to enjoy the wedding so he sat down at a table with Mia. As it just so happened, Artimis was on the other side of the table with some questionable people. As it turned out they were from the security detain which explained the situation a little better.

A voice whispered in his ear, "Do you really want to drink that?" and he put the flagon of ale back down. It was the Black Widow's voice.
Artimis leaned back a little, "Teach me something."
She laughed and pulled out, two little vials and handed them to him as she ran her hand down his arm.

Miles pretended not to notice the woman whispering to Artimis as he made sure Mia was having a good time. Mia was in awe as she felt like Cinderella, being in a fancy party for the first time. Miles had little trouble talking to Mia who had a huge smile on her face. She had a lot of questions for Miles and he did his best to answer them despite being new to the area as well.

The Glenn and Dawnyl greet everyone as they come up to the head table. The hall was decorated beautifully and elegantly. Tables on both sides of the hall and at the end was the head table. The center was open were the servants were moving around brining food and drink. After everyone was settled. The doors open as knights took their place. One at a time they came forward and swear an oath to their god to the couple. Glenn and Dawnyl had moved to the front of the table standing on the other side holding scrolls and it looked to be rings was Abigail and Meggan Evergarden as the as the now knights stood to there feet they were handed a scroll and ring by them each of the knights as the walked back to their formation. As one approached, she took off her helmet her hair fell to her pass her shoulders. Glenn’s eyes lit up shock filled his face as she spoke even Vader new who she was Rebecca. As she looked at Glenn she seemed taken back by his shock.

Miles felt he was making a lot of progress with Mia and if things stayed like this he might have a chance to see her sleeping face in the morning. Mia has a slender build, much like an acrobat and her cat features balanced that out. While working at the spirits shop she came off like a tomboy in her appearance since she wore boys clothes. However when she was cleaned up she was very cute and had a model like appearance. She was what they call a diamond in the rough and lived without knowing she was cute. Miles did his best to keep her smiling since he was very interested in her. Of course the night was young and he had yet to get her on the dance floor. Sadly like many of Miles's plan in the past, this one had to change. Miles was puzzled as Glenn and Vader had a less than pleased expression on their face. He had a bad feeling in his gut that something bad was going to happen.

Then there a was a dark cloud in the back of the hall as a twisting pillar of black smoke appeared. We all know who that was “Rebecca come to me” the hideous man yelled. Then a guard grabbed Meggan from be hind putting a sword to her throat. All the knights drew their swords. Most of the gest hid next to their tables. Glenn started to reach into the air as he stepped in front of Dawnyl. But be for anyone could move and with grate speed and grace Meggan steps back into the guard holding her. Stepping on to his foot hard with one hand slipping her hand up and against his sword arm. With her other arm she brought her left elbow into his jaw hard. You could hear his teeth impact as his mouth gets slammed shut. She continued to move as she pushed the man’s arm away sliding her other hand down his arm to his sword. She seized it as she spun still moving away as if she was dancing. She brought the blade up still turning with a full the sword slicing his throat. Blood started to run down his chest as he started fall. In one smooth motion Rebecca brought her sword up in to the guard’s chest as he fell to the ground. Everyone was surprised by Meggan's move.

Miles used that time to buff his fellow team members in case things got ugly. Of course he also included Mia in the group since he needed to keep her safe.

Enhance Ability: This is probably the most obvious buff spell. Basically, you pick one of your abilities, and this spell will enhance it for an hour. Enhance Ability is interesting because at higher levels, this spell can target multiple players.

Miles cast the spell on himself, Mia, Glenn, Artimis, Vader, Morganna, Margarita, Lady Dawnyl and the the Barron as a precaution for the fight. Since blood was already spilled it was hard to see where the true danger lied, besides the pompous windbag Librarian who was in dire need of a braining.

Artimis did not let his eyes go to the sound, rather watched as the women acted with quick smooth motions before the head table. Blades were drawn and blood spilled. The sword whispered, "This will be fun."

Artimis' chair fell backwards as he stood and answered the Librarian's demand, "No!" She was "technically" his wife, even if it was name only and he wasn't going to just let the librarian take his honor. He wasn't going to say anything that would take Abby's honor. As blood hit the floor, Rebecca lifted her sword and pointed the tip of it straight at Artimis.

Miles: Mia stay close to me okay and use this to protect yourself.

Mia: What's going on?

Miles: A party crasher..........a rather nasty one. Take this.

Miles remained calm as he whispered to the scared Mia he would keep her safe and to stay close to him as he handed her a "Shock Dagger", which does minor electric damage and stuns the victim up to a few turns. She looked at him with concern.

Mia: Miles are you sure? I am a nobody. I am sure you can find lots of girls better than me.

Miles: That doesn't mean I will cast you aside. Miles don't play that.

Mia: Why are you being so nice to me?

Miles: I'd rather have this conversation over desert, but that will have to wait for now. This dagger will stun your victims, use it to protect yourself in case of an emergency and stay close to me.

Mia: Why are you protecting me? What do you want from someone like me? Are you after my body?

Miles: Of course I am. You are cute.

Mia blushed red while being scared.

Mia: Are you going to force me?

Miles: Hell no! Its no good if you are not willing.

Mia looked at Miles who was on high alert. He was not your typical rich wizard. In her eyes Miles was rash, flashy, flirty, rich and naughty. However right now he had a serious look in his eyes that made her heart flutter. She had never felt this way before and felt herself drawn to him. She needed to needed to be by his side even though it was dangerous. However she had a deep feeling that Miles was not the type to settle down. She hoped they could make this work after surviving the current crisis.

"There is the problem," Artimis felt the eyes of every paladin, every guard, the thieves guild, and everyone else looked at him.

Miles turned to see Artimis who was getting a lot of attention after falling out of his chair and trying to play hero. Now her was looking at the point of a sword held by Rebecca. Miles often wondered what kind of brain damage Artimis suffered from since he literally jumped into one problem after another. Was he a clepto? Was he poor growing up? Was he touched to much by his Uncle? It was obvious Artimis was only happy when he was suffering, which meant he had serious issues. Of course Miles was in no position to judge since he had issues as well. However he did feel bad for Artimis and his situation.

Artimis looked over at Miles and said softly, "It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses."

He threw down one of the vials letting out the smoke and ran heading for "Chicago" as the Librarian started towards him along with the guards.

Artimis thought to himself, "I should have felt her up when I had the chance."

Miles felt a pang in his chest as Artimis spoke up. He knew the reference as Artimis was asking for help. It was a quote from the movie "Blues Brothers", when one brother was being hunted by an ex fiancé hell bent on killing him. Miles was not entirely clear on the whole situation but he could tell that the lady Rebecca and Artimis were not on good terms and the creepy undead Librarian was after Rebecca as well. This was a really messed up situation as Miles spoke up.

Miles: This reminds me of my moms favorite soap opera........"The Sands of the Hourglass."

Mia: What is that?

Miles: A theater group that puts on a tragic show full of love, deceit, drama, death and mystery.

Mia: I never heard of that before.

Miles: You're not missing much since you are living the real thing right now.

Mia: So what now?

Miles: We buy that meathead some time.

Miles then cast Force cage on the Librarian to by some time.

Forcecage: Forcecage doesn’t leave every foe helpless and vulnerable, but still, no spell generates those dreary executions as reliably. The spell’s victims don’t even get a save. In past versions of forcecage, the rare creature capable of teleporting could escape.

After that he cast Debuff on Rebecca to weaken her as she chased off after Artimis. Since the crowd was freaking out and the knights were on alert it was hard to tell that Miles was the one casting magic from behind the scenes. The Librarian was in a Forcecage, Rebecca was debuffed and Miles's allies were buffed by Enhance Ability.

Tag (Miles is just buying time for the others to act)

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