A Tale of Two Sisters

In sleep the visions came to her of a life not her own and yet familiar to her. The life of the Dark Elf Cyndel Blackfar.

Visions of a grand party being held in the great hall with walls of polished black marble adored with layer upon layer of spider silk threads and thousands upon thousands of small spiders glowing in an array of festive colors.

The guests dressed in their finest as well. Dashing young princes adorned in ceremonial robes or armor of polished silver and gold adorned in the heraldic colors and standards that declared their houses. And princesses dressed in gowns and jewelry cut in styles so daring that each it seemed was a walking work of art.

Honestly if not for the blood stained floors and bodies being impaled on pikes for all to see one might mistake it for a Christmas in the Underdark.

Thankfully Cyndel was spare all the pageantry having chooses a choice suit of ceremonial armor over something more daring. The feeling of a sword on her hip and daggers in her belt far more comfortable than her tits bared for all to see or the cut of a gown so high one didn't have to guess if she was wearing anything underneath.

Cyndel smirked raising her fluted vessel to her lips barely touching the glass before her smile twisted into a frown of annoyance. " Virtess, you little bitch! You poisoned my drink again."

Her companion let loose with a peel of wild laughter nodding her head. " How sister, I was ever so careful to avoid your notice ? "

Cyndel sighed shaking her head handing the poisoned vessel to her sister. " It was sparkling wine when I last drank from it. Now it's as flat as your chest my love."

Virtess hissed her annoyance at both her discovery and her sisters insult as she took a moment to examined the glass before tossing it over her shoulder. " Damn, Your right."

" I thought that tutor of yours was supposed to be actually teaching you something other than how pretty he looks without his clothes on." Cyndel frowned.

Her sister nodded. " He does look damn fine without a stitch on doesn't he and he is so endowed you would not believe the size of his ..."

" Spare me the torrid details. You need a new tutor sister of mine." Cyndel sounded in annoyance.

" Any male can teach you how to fuck. You need one who can teach you to be the heiress to our dear Mothers throne."

Virtess sighed. " Why bother Cyndel, I am the youngest and Mother clearly favors you above all others."

Cyndel nodded." Perhaps, but you should be prepared to replace me. Favorites are always the first to be killed when the time comes."

Cyndel paused collecting a pair of glasses from a passing tray handing one to her younger sibling. " Long may you reign sister."

Virtess smiled about to drink from the glass she had been handed stopping short her attention shifting to the vessel before shaking her head in disbelief. " Its poisoned isn't it ? "

Cyndel smirked before finishing off her own drink. " Is it ? "

" Bitch." Virtess sighed tossing the glass asided and reaching for another.


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