Rude awakening and lost

His eyes opened in a room at the inn the room cold and damp. A dim light from the fire place lit the room up. He focused on the window and could see light leaking threw the shutters “wow I fell a sleep and did not log out.” He tried to call up his panel and only half of it showed all admen menus were missing. His body was sore from sleeping in his armor. “Wait! I can feel pain, and the cool air smell the smoke form the fire place” he says talking out load to himself. He jumped to his feet his armor made a metallic sound feeling it shift on his body. “I know there was an up date coming, but nothing like this.” His hart stated to beat faster as panic set in. he took a deep breath as his old army training set in. Glenn tried many ways to log out, but nothing was working.

He grunted in frustration. He walked over to the corner where his mace was standing agents the wall. he picked it up he could feel the groves in the handle and the weight of the weapon. “I can feel this? What the hell is going on how?” he turned to the window walking over the boards squeaked under his weight he opened the shutters and looked out in to the street. He could smell the town and not a good smell either. “the shutters opened? That never happed either He thought to himself. He reopened his control panel. All my equipment is here and gold. Checking he found no admen help or call half of his friends list was gone. He closed the panel and moved to the door it felt a little awkward. But he compensated quickly. he opened the door and walking in to the hall way he turned to see the rail. Looking over he saw a few below him moving to the stairs and stared down them. He felt like he was going to bake them. He strolled over to the bar keep. “bar keep, how are you doing today?” The keep looked up “Master Priest, I am doing grate this fine day” He answered. Glenn looked at him in shock this is not right He thought to himself. “Glenn reaches in to his bag and pulls several gold coins out puts it on the counter thank you for the say bar keep” says Glenn. The bar keep smiles and replies “thank you master Priest come back and see us.” Glenn smiles “I will, I hope” he says in a hopeful tone.

He walked out side the town was busy, and people moved around the indicators activated just with thought Glenn did not have to use his panel people moved out of his way something new as well he counted to walk looking and testing the world around him.

OOC: well my first post let me know if I have to change things and any ideas how to meet up old friends work if you want or even the same kinship, clan ect.
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