OOC - Setting Update 002

The World Setting

The Deep & Dark is actually one of several great dungeons in the Game World. ( The others being hosted on other servers across the globe linked together by a series of portals ) In fact doesn't take a genius to sort out that the Game World itself is a rather rough mirror of the Real World in both size and geography and that if the Deep and Dark were to be located in the Real World it would be found where Manhattan Island is located.

The setting around the Deep and Dark is vast with scattered villages and farmlands as well as great cities of which prior to the update the characters had no access to. ( The game designers had not yet developed the cities enough to merit more than their existence in the setting given the focus was on the massive dungeons themselves. )

The Game World also allowed for a great deal of creativity on the part of the players. Thus the landscape has a number of player projects to include households, Unmarked Townships, Wizards Towers, and yes even player created Dungeons. ( Think the mods for games like Skyrim and others that allow players to not only import almost anything into the game setting from Risque attire to massively powerful magic and equipment. The last update purged the setting of a majority of these grossly overpowered creations but also introduced countless new monsters and artifacts as well.)


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