The Rush of Combat

Glenn been looking for an area to take a break. Walking had slowed them more than he wanted even at a force march they could only do 30 miles a day. He had been trying to keep them near cover trees old buildings mostly they had only some walls standing. He watched as party dealt with the sun in their own way it did not bother Glenn, he did not even feel the heat like he thought is should affect him. He thought to him self is this the side effect of the god he now serves under, god really god? They must be a higher operating system or computer servers of the game world but had no proof of that either.

Looking over the country side things were different from the old world. The leaves moved in the breeze not as a hole tree but as individuals. The dust from the ground and the dust on his armor was new too. The grass that was stuck to his armor at his feet was all to real. The party cleared some old structures and passed a few trees He had been in the lead with Vader close behind he had asked Invicita and kara to bring up the rear with the others in the middle. As they moved in to the open meadow Glenn saw heavy brush and trees on the other side of the meadow his mind said stop but his body kept walking.

As the party got to the middle, he heard music. The sound of a synthesizer starting in on A simple pattern of isolated repetitive notes that was the start of a song just before a young female voice started purring the lyrics. " I am the Best by 2ne1 ..." he thought for a minute what the hell bards? He looks back at the others and was going to say something when the air changed a strange sense of evil rushed over him. He had been trained as Inquisitor and their main ability was to detected evil. Then Cyndel yelled " Oh shit, It's my combat encounter music. We just Fucking walked into combat." Glenn pulled on the rains of his war horse it moved at an angle in front of him as the whistle of arrows flew over had and struck all around them. “Ambush!” yelled Glenn.

Glenn ducked behind his war horse as the arrows hit around him some hitting the horses plate armor a few arrows stock in the saddle bags and armor its self but did not pierce it. Glenn took one to the shoulder but it to did not pierce his armor ether. The impact was enough to move him back one step two more hit him but shared in impact they had stone tips. They had a mix of arrows some stone some metal. “Everyone cover now!” he yelled. He looked at the direction the arrows flew from yelling “contact front 2 o’clock, 150 meters” as he mounted his horse. He knew he had to give the party time. “Invicita, Kara cover Cyndel and Artimis and get to cover I will draw their fire, Vader! want to join me?” Glenn said with a crafty grain. As the next set of arrows and down on them. The war horse jumped to the side as the arrows hit the grown where he was.

He did not wait for the answer of Vader. “Storm, Si habes!” the horse took off a staggering speed closing 50 meters suddenly to the place where the arrows came from. Fifty more and he knew he could do real damage.

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