The K-Pop is Scarier Than The Arrows

It was just as the group was starting across a wide intersection that music that was both oddly familiar and so obviously out of place filled the air around them.

"What's going on?" Nate asked aloud. "Did we just walk into a Korean strip club?"

The sound of a synthesizer starting in on A simple pattern of isolated repetative notes that was the start of a song just before a young female voice started purring the lyrics.

" I am the Best by 2ne1 ..."

Cyndel offered the title aloud after a moment recognizing the song at once but seemingly as startled as everyone else that she was apparently the source of the music.

"Uh, Cyndel? Care to explain why music's suddenly coming out of your ass?" Nate asked.

It was then that it dawned on her the music's meaning her eyes grew wide as she started looking this way and that.

" Oh shit, It's my combat encounter music. We just Fucking walked into combat."

The air around them was suddenly alive with sound as sharp whispers cut through the air. Cyndel suddenly disappearing leaving only wisps of black smoke in her wake as a trio of arrows struck the ground where she had been the moment before.

Then more arrows came.

Nate let out a short shout and rolled to the side as arrows hit the ground where he had just been. Fear gripped him and he scrambled for cover.

“Invicita, Kara cover Cyndel and Artimis and get to cover I will draw their fire, Vader! want to join me?” Glenn said with a crafty grin.

Nate had lost sight of Cyndel so he looked for Artimis and made his way to the thief. More arrows barely missing him as he made a mad dash for cover. His heart was beating a mile a minute and he was afraid for his life. But then he heard a familiar voice in his head.

"You're not helpless." Came Kara's voice. "Find the warrior spirit you instilled inside me, Creator."

Somehow, her voice was calming in this moment of fight or flight. And instinctually, Nate's hand found Kara's sword, Krom's Riddle, and he withdrew it. "Okay..." Nate said, his voice shaking somewhat. "Time to kick some ass..."

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