The Best Defense Is A Murderous Offense

Normally silence would be comforting for me, the absence to the smothering buzz of conversation like a weight off of my shoulders, but right now it was nothing but eerie. These ruins gave off a bad air, and I didnt just mean the smell. I wanted us to get through this place as soon as possible.

We came to a wide intersection, and I was overcome with relief, we were almost out of this wretched place, however my elation was short-lived as music began to play. I was about as confused as everyone else, my head turning back and forth in search of the music's source.

The sound of a synthesizer starting in on A simple pattern of isolated repetative notes that was the start of a song just before a young female voice started purring the lyrics.

" I am the Best by 2ne1 ..."

With that proclamation the group collectively realized tgat it was in fact Cyndel that was the source of the music. Looking her in the eyes, I watched as her expression went from puzzlement to pure horror, and and the words she spoke filled me with dread.

"Oh shit, It's my combat encounter music. We just Fucking walked into combat."

As if on cue, I could hear the telltale wistle of arrows raining down upon us. The world slowed to a numbing crawl as my Battle Reflexes kicked in. Spinning on my heels, I found my blade and pulled it from it's sheath, the action doubling as an attack as I slashed at the the steel filled air. I had hardly even meditated the treat, let alone planned a reaction, yet as if my arms had a mind of their own they slashed, the blade slicing through the arrow with a deadly accuracy that rivled the projectile itself. As the immediate threat in the arrow ceased to exist, my Battle Reflexes ability and the slowed time effect began to ware off, however I wasn't done. I was nonplussed as time speed, and I realized just how fast I had to be moving. I sliced back and forth, destroying two more arrows, before side stepping another two. I could completely defend mtself though, a grim realization as an arrowed embeded itself in my right shoulder, pinning my cloak to me. I wanted to grit my teeth at the pain, but all I could do was silently reel as the pain coursed through me.

It had managed to find it's way between the metallic shell peice that served as my natural chest plate, piercing the wood beneath, however I knew it had only done minimal damage, not doing much but pissing me off. I gripped the shaft of the arrow and ripped it free of myself, thankfully the whole thing came out, after some time my body would heal itself. Though, now was not the time to worry about that.

“Everyone cover now!” Glenn yelled from atop his horse.

“Contact front 2 o’clock, 150 meters! Invicita, Kara cover Cyndel and Artimis and get to cover I will draw their fire-"

I had only just realized the millitary grade directions Glenn had given as he surveyed the battlefield, and couldnt help but amire him. This was more than mere roleplay. We had a soldier amongst us, and a true tactician no less.

With a nod of acknowledgment I scanned the battlefeild for my charge. I spotted Kara dashing over to Artimis so I turned to find our Dark Elf, remebering seeing her vanish into a puff of smoke moments after everything kicked off.

She's gone, just great...

Where ever she had popped off to, she was likely safe. With that out of the way, my focus shifted from defense to offense, and summoned Mere, my shadow steed. Steering her towards the frontline, I held my blade at my side with murderous intent. We sped foward, closing in on my enemies along with Glenn and Vader. They would have to target us directly, for now we were to close for thier volley to hit us.

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