* The Dogs of War

" Thriced cursed elf magic … "

The Alpha hissed sharply as the Dark Elf vanished from sight the half dozen arrows that had been aimed for her catching not but air where she'd stood only the moment before.

"One good hit I think..." The Elder noted grimly drawing back and letting loose another shaft. " There is blood and Her trail is marked."

" One will not be enough I think." The Alpha noted grimly.

The Elder nodded his agreement. " Not enough my Alpha but it is a start."

The Alpha loosed a third and then a four shaft before noting he had exhausted his last and the quiver was now empty as were those of the others. All having surrendered the majority of their arrows to the one true archer in their ranks.

" Not enough, Not nearly enough … "
He growled tossing aside the now useless weapon and taking up his axe.

" Elder take the pups and find that bitch elf before she works some damnedable curse upon us. The rest of you dogs … have at them! "

A howl erupted from the Gnoll ranks as they charged the adventurers.


** Okay so there is three active enemy groups.

1) The Gnoll's main group of some 16 warriors wielding an assortment of melee weapons.

2) A single Archer taking pot shots at vulnerable targets.

3) The Gnoll Elder ( Shaman ) with a pair of the Warriors protecting him.


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