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Gender: Male

Age: 13

Group: Protégés (Sidekicks with a Mentor)

Real Name

Richard John "Dick" Grayson



Mentor (If Applicable)


Physical Appearance

Slight build, on the short side - 5’1, dark hair which is usually unkempt except when as Dick Grayson in public with Bruce Wayne or attending the Gotham academy. He hates the hair gel. blue eyes (you’ll never see them) He wears a bright red tunic fastened with yellow buckles, embellished with a gold R in a black circle. He wears black leggings, boots and gloves, all of which is designed for protection and mobility to allow a full range of movement for acrobatics. Around his waist is a yellow utility belt where he keeps his Eskirma sticks and various gear. He wears a short cape which is black on the outside, pale yellow underneath, and the cowl doubles as a hood. To protect his identity, he wears a small domino style mask which makes his eyes completely white. Robin maintains his secret identity at all times. When in street clothes with the team, he wears special sunglasses designed by Batman. They let in light even in the darkest rooms, they are equipped with night vision, and are reflective to the point of distracting anyone looking directly at them to notice many of the boys features.

Personality and Interests

Friendly, outgoing, lighthearted if not immature. Despite this immaturity, he gets along well with people who are older than him and he tends to adapt and take on the maturity level of those around him. This may come from years of standing by Billionaire Bruce Wayne’s side during press conferences and social engagements. When interacting with friends, Robin tends to take on a brotherly role, whether it be as a confident, joking around or even teasing them when they make mistakes. He enjoys making word play (back-formations) removing prefixes - such as (over) whelmed, (dis)aster.


Dick Grayson came from a long line of acrobats, the Flying Graysons. The youngest in the family, he was trained as an acrobat since birth and was part of the family act at a young age. When Grayson was 8, he overheard “Boss” Tony Zucco threaten Ringmaster C.C. Haly’s performers unless protection money was paid. Haly refused. That night, Dick saw his entire family die in an ‘accident’ orchestrated by Zucco in an attempt to extort money. Bruce Wayne listened as Dick Grayson tried to explain to the police what he had overheard, citing the boy was just distraught about the accident. Bruce also heard Dick swear vengeance on Zucco. After the accident, Bruce Wayne took in the young Grayson as his legal ward. (Grayson is adamant about not being adopted, as he feels it would be a disloyalty to his own father.) Batman saw something of himself in the boy - also having seen his own parents die at the same age - and knew the path Grayson was going to travel. He began to train him to be his crime fighting partner

Skills/ Powers

Skills: Acrobat/aerialist, martial artist and hand to hand combat, expert detective and master tactician, Utilizes high tech equipment and weapons, trained (by Batman) in: Escapology, Criminology, Stealth, Disguise, Eskirma, and several martial arts disciplines. As Bruce Wayne’s Ward, he received an extensive education and is fluent in: French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, the alien language of Tamaran, conversant in American Sign Language, Italian, Persian and Kikuyu.

Equipment: Utility Belt, Batarangs, Wrist computer, Eskirma sticks, various designed by himself and or Batman


Robin is best friends with Kid Flash (AKA Wally West) - the only person outside of Wayne Manor to know his identity or backstory

Robin maintains his secret identity at all times. When in street clothes, he wears special sunglasses designed by Batman. (See Physical Appearance)

Robin attends the prestigious Gotham Academy where is a freshman and studies advanced languages

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