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Summary: ::Makes a cricket noise::


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Gender: Female

Age: 8

Group: Rookies (New to Powers or to Teamwork in General)

Real Name

Cassandra Cain


Asian American

Physical Appearance

Short, lean and a little too skinny. She looks like any other stree kid. She has choppy dark hair and brown eyes.

Personality and Interests

Cassandra, better known on the street as Cricket, is a bubbly and enthusiastic girl. Everything is a game and it seems she rarely takes anything seriously. Martial combat to her is integrated and normal as breathing.

Communication is difficult for her givin her limited mean and is easily frustrated trying to convey complex ideas to ... anyone.

She loves food and as a result of too much TV firmly belive a table full of food surrounded by people is what makes a family. She is also hilariously obsessed with pancakes.


David Cain had sought a perfect bodyguard for Ra's al Ghul future grandson. He found a potential mother when he saw Sandra Wu-San fighting her sister Carolyn in a martial arts tournament. Believing that Sandra was holding back for Carolyn, Cain murdered Carolyn and lured Sandra into a trap, sparing her life in exchange for giving birth to his child and leaving that child for him to raise. She agreed. After the birth of Cassandra, Sandra set out to become Lady Shiva.

Cain trained Cassandra from birth how to be an assassin. She was not taught to read or write; instead, reading body language was her only language. She was able to read people's movements and predict what they were going to do. When she was eight, Cain took her to kill a businessman. As the man died, she read what he was feeling, realized what she had done, and ran away from her father.

Skills/ Powers

Cassandra has no superhuman powers. She received intensive training by her father, along with several other members of the League of Assassins, including Bronze Tiger, Merlyn the archer, and a series of instructors hired by her father, including Alpha.

Cassandra's superiority in combat results not just from her excellent physical condition, but from her cognitive functions (the result of her idiosyncratic upbringing) that enables extraordinary feats of coordination as well as perceiving minute changes in an opponent's movements and body language.

Cassandra also exhibits extraordinary resistance to pain.

As a side effect of her father's training, Cassandra's brain developed learning functions different from most. Having been brought up by Cain deliberately without speech, the communication centers of her brain learned body language instead of spoken or written language. Thus, she originally had as much trouble learning spoken and written language as a normal individual would have in learning body language. She so far has learned basic ASL.

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