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Summary: We don't just fight bad guys, we take care of our own.

Wonder Girl

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Group: Protégés (Sidekicks with a Mentor)

Real Name

Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark



Mentor (If Applicable)

Wonder Woman

Physical Appearance

Tall and slender, but still well-muscled from years of combative training and warrior exercise, Cassie usually stands a head over most other girls her age. A stream of blonde hair cascades down her back, an unusual feature for most combative warriors, but one Cassie herself admires and has gotten used to having in the midst of combat. Her eyes are an almost striking blue, a trait that was passed down from her nigh-primordial father, Zeus, and the first testament to her deity lineage and initial warning to those who oppose her.

Personality and Interests

Simply put, Cassie is a warrior. Energetic and eager to prove herself, some may even go as far as to call Cassie impulsive. While it wouldn't be incorrect to identify her as so, she does hold pure intentions and a pure heart--with a sense to do what's considered morally right. While she enjoys a good fight and facing opponents that can pose a difficulty and challenge, Cassie also leads a carefree life, doing her best to worry little about the negative, in favor of focusing on having fun and enjoying herself. However, Cassie does tend to struggle with staying focused, especially in activities that lack physical stimulation, and occasionally finds herself engaged in offhand topics or rushing into a battle she's eager to participate in.

While it may be easy to classify Cassie as simply being battle-happy, she does indeed feel a newfound weight on her shoulders ever since she discovered she was the daughter of the Greek king of gods: Zeus. Gifted with a plethora of superhuman abilities, Cassie finds it challenging to balance both her responsibilities as a hero, as well as her personal feelings and determination to show that she is worthy of the power she holds, and to make her deity of a father proud. Even so, Cassie has learned discipline under her mentor, Wonder Woman (aka Diana Prince), but must still be consistently put into place or reminded that beating the biggest baddie to a pulp is not equivalent to proving herself, and that in reality she doesn't have to prove herself to anyone--just simply successfully perform her job as a hero and protector to those who most need it.


Cassandra, known more commonly as Cassie, is the daughter of archaeologist Helena Sandsmark and the Greek deity-king Zeus. Raised by a single mother, Cassie spent most of her earlier childhood traveling the world when her mother permitted her to tag along. From the pyramids of Giza just outside Cairo to the tombs of China, Cassandra's schooling education came mostly from home schooling and private tutors, even when she was left behind in their stationary home. Upon the advanced development of her powers, Cassie was eventually taken under the mentorship of her half-sister, Diana Prince, who taught her of her deity background and lineage, and trained her to harness her abilities.

Skills/ Powers

Super Strength
Super Speed
Superhuman Reflexes
Superhuman Senses
Superhuman Stamina
Accelerated Healing

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