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Summary: Life may be a journey, not a destination, but that doesn't change that I'm in the lead

Kid Flash

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Gender: Male

Age: 15

Group: Protégés (Sidekicks with a Mentor)

Real Name

Wallace Rudolph "Wally" West



Mentor (If Applicable)


Physical Appearance

A track and field body set into 5'7" frame. Kid Flash weights in at a wonderful 150lbs with a lean yet slightly muscular build. A crop of spiky red hair combined with his freckles and shamrock green eyes make him the cutest kid in the world (at least according to his Mom)

In uniform he wears a bright yellow topped suit which transitions to red bottoms at the waist with a red lightning bolt on a white circle sitting on his chest. For both his own safety and utility he wears red rimmed goggles which really complete the look.

Personality and Interests

A class-clown and a goofball, Wally is your typical hyperactive 15 year old that can move at the speed of sound. Quick with a joke as he can be on his feet he tends to not take anything very seriously. Some would call him reckless, impatient, and impulsive but that's just what anyone who couldn't move as fast as him would say if they kept getting beaten to the punch.

A firm believer in science, Wally is something of a wiz when it comes to the hard facts of life and openly scoffs at the idea of magic (unless a pretty girl is asking). Privately of course he knows that all magic is just some form of advanced science and that everything has a logical explanation behind it.

Chief among his interests however, is the pursuit of the fairer sex. Girls, to Wally's own admission, are always on his mind. Regardless of age or other societal barriers, Wally is always sure to slip in innuendos and flirtatious remarks to any attractive female nearby.


After discovering his uncle was the Flash, Wally begged him to let him become his sidekick. As he did not have any powers though, he was denied due to the danger of being a hero. However this rebuke did nothing to stop Wally's desire and so in secret he found the Flash's notes and set about re-creating the experiment that had given him his powers, albeit with only a high school chemistry set. He nearly blew up the entire house with the results, but after a brief stint in the hospital he developed the powers he so badly wanted. He now begged the Flash a second time to take him on as his protege, and this time the Flash agreed reluctantly and under the strict guidance that he needed to do exactly as he did.

Skills/ Powers

Superhuman Speed: While the less diluted chemicals in his experiment netted a lower overall speed than his mentor the Flash and has thus far locked him out of more advanced techniques, Wally can still move incredibly fast. His top speed is currently close to the speed of sound, however he does requires time to accelerate and decelerate unlike the Flash.

Advanced Healing: Due to an increased metabolism, Kid Flash can heal at an increased rate when compared to an average human taking the impact of the collisions he does
Superhuman Endurance: His training at high speeds and own endurance mean the Kid Flash is able to take a decent few hits
Superhuman Reflexes: Wally's reflexes are enhanced with his speed, he could dodge and react to attacks easily
Tornado Generation: Using his speed he is capable of generating tornadoes similar to Red Tornado's or Mr.Twisters.

Gymnastics: Wally is capable of basic gymnastic feats, even at high speeds
High Intelligence: Wally is a science prodigy with a naturally high IQ
Multilingualism: Kid Flash can speak both English and French and has taken some high school Latin


Kid Flash is best friends with Robin (AKA ...okay I promised I wouldn't tell) - the only person outside of Wayne Manor to know his identity or backstory

Wally attends Keystone High School in Central City

Due to his increased metabolism, Kid Flash takes in an enormous amount of food. This food does not even have to taste good, as long as it provides some form of calories and nutrition Wally will down it with glee. When he goes on missions which may exceed 24 hours, he ensures to bring food in a hidden compartment in his gloves.

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