This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on Oct 27, 2019, 11:40pm

Welcome to Happy Harbor!

This is a modern game set in the DC Universe. Some things will be canon, most will be made up. Right now, we're only accepting canon Young Justice characters from the show or the comic. We aren't currently taking original characters or villains, but it's being considered for down the road (as are possible Marvel/DC crossovers) We ask that you are respectful of each other, here and on our hangout (Google!) where we BS, goof around and sometimes even talk about plot lines. We'll be updating the Game Information and possibly The Rules if need be along the way.

This game is moderated by Winters & Blitzen - you can find us on hangouts or by emailing us: and


1. As of right now, we’re ONLY accepting canon Young Justice Characters from the show or comic. Any season of the show is acceptable, with a few exceptions. Since our Dick Grayson Robin is 13 and still Robin, you couldn’t play Tim Drake, for example. Impulse is also off the table for now. No custom characters at this time

2. Even if you select a canon character, acceptance is at the mod’s discretion. Character sheets must be filled out, no applicant with a field left "pending" will be accepted. (Please devote some time to this. This will be YOUR character. Put thought into it. Add your spin. If you don't have time time to fill out the application, maybe you don't have time for a new game. We'll be here!)

3. Mods will control team leaders as well as Batman, Black Canary and Red Tornado. You can if you want make cameo’s from your Sidekick’s mentor, but it they are outlandish, mods might step in. You can also (encouraged!) ask another player to step in to play your mentor hero. We love collaborating!

4. PLEASE don’t Godmod. No one likes it. Godmodding involves overpowering yourself so you cannot be defeated. We take great care in setting up missions and scenarios and if you can single handedly solve them in one post? Chances are you are godmodding. The mods might Modmod - throw monkey wrenches at you and at the story. Things may happen, the world may change - we will have to deal with it - together.

5. If you have a problem with another player, please bring it to the mods. We have a Get-Along-Shirt and we’re not afraid to use it.

6. Don’t be a jerk to other players. IC wise is fine, but OOC or on the chat is unacceptable. The definition of jerk is at the discretion of the mods. If we receive complaints about you, if you are making others miserable, we consider that being a jerk. We may remove you from the chat and or game for this.

7. 30 Day Rule! If we don’t hear from you for thirty days, we’ll consider your character abandoned. The character will either be played by a mod, adopted by another player, recycled or removed entirely. This is at the moderator’s call.
If your character is central to a plot and inactivity for any amount of time is holding up the game, a mod will step in to help make the story flow. This may involve controlling your character temporarily. We’ll try to do you Justice.

8. Minimum character age is 11, but don’t expect to see much combat til you’re 13

9. If you cannot control your powers - this is great! But you will also not be sent on missions as you may hurt yourself, other members of the team, or innocent bystanders

10. No one is forced to be here. There is no "It's Young Justice or Jail" program. Being a reluctant hero is fine, if you want to dabble in crime, expect consequences. Your actions will bring consequences, it makes the game fun and challenging. Please RP responsibly!

11. These rules are subject to change; the purpose is to help establish guidelines and make an enjoyable experience for everyone. If something is making this not enjoyable for you, please talk to us.

12. Please title your intro post: Today Is The Day: Your character name so we know you read the rules, and so it’s easy for us to find intro posts.

Characters currently claimed or off limits:
Robin - Blitzen
Superboy - Winters
Kid Flash - Turk
Wonder Girl - High Rule
Zatana - MC The Youtuber
Static Shock - Graytex
Miss Martian - Mod
Cassandra Cain - Mod
Roy, Will, Jim Harper - Mod
Impulse** - Not available
Tim Drake** - Not available
Jason Todd** -Not available
Artemis Crock** - Not currently available
We're toying with adding an in-character RP system to be translated into a board post. if interested -