Project Kr Part 5

Joint Post with Winters, Turk, Blitzen

Kon's eyes where still a bit blurry but he ran for it … a little to fast, missed and crash through a perfectly good wall instead. Well … he was outside at least. “Where’s the big guy?” he asked having lost track of him.

Robin dropped his escrima sticks back into his utility belt. “Don’t know, don’t ca….” the “Big Guy” as he called him came crashing through the building himself, sending bricks and concrete flying as there was a rumble from inside the building, the fire, the laser beams, the grenade blast and two Supers crashing through walls was just too much for the roof to take, and it collapsed inward on itself.

Robin dodged out of the way of the brick and concrete, and pulling a taser gun from his belt, shot two electrodes into Rrrrggaahhh, which were as effective as a fly swatter on an elephant. It did seem, however, to make him, if possible, even more angry. Rrrrggaahhh stomped his foot, knocking the boy wonder off his. Before he could scramble back up, the hulking mass stepped on his sternum, taking all the breath from his lungs.

Kid Flash flew forward and smacked the big man in the face with a cannonball punch. It did little but send him a half step back, but the opening allowed Robin a brief reprieve enough to get out of the way. From there the young speedster called out, "Hey ugly! Bet you can't catch me!" He loved that line, managed to get the baddies every time somehow and Ponytail seemed no different as he threw a wild swipe into his direction followed by a slam. Both were barely avoided but at least they were in his direction rather than his friend's.

Rrrrggaahhh chuffed and stomped a giant foot signifying the end of “playtime.” The large creature tore the door off a nearby parked car, violently throwing it towards the speedster.

The door, tossed like a discus collided into Kid Flash’s chest, sending him crashing to the street in a heap, the force of it knocking him ass over elbows. Kon-el, having regained his senses charged one last time.

“Sonuvabitch!” Robin swore, leaping back in, also not about to let Kid Flash take another hit, but the two nearly collided. The two teens stood poised to fight as Blockbuster was pulled upwards by a force unseen in the darkness, except a touch of red cape. “Sonuvabitch,” he repeated, under his breath

“You’ve done enough for one day,” a voice he recognized said as a large hand clamped down on his shoulder. Before he could protest, Blockbuster was swooped up and flown into the side of the building, then straight up and out of sight. Robin’s shoulder’s slumped.

“Let the Justice League handle it from here.” Batman warned.


“The League will handle it.” Bats replied, effectively shutting down the discussion and further protests.

“What were you thinking?” Barry Allen, AKA the Flash asked his own sidekick. “Do you know what could have happened?”

“What did happen.” Batman interrupted, his voice full of gravel as he gestured to the burning building. The fire department was just arriving on the scene.

“We -- “ Robin started to explain.

“Disobeyed orders.” Batman interrupted - yet again. It’s like I can’t get a word in edgewise! “Went behind the League’s back and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage, putting lives, including your own in jeopardy, as well as tarnishing not only your reputation, but ours as well.”

“Yeah but we—“ Robin stopped mid sentence, surprised there was no interruption this time. He struggled for the right words as he gestured towards Kon. “From… they cloned Superman. They could have been cloning an army of Supermen, and we saved Superboy from whatever they were using him for. Just look at him, Batman. Project Kr, Krypton! And that thing we were just fighting? Twenty minutes ago he was your average science nerd, he took something from a vial and became… well… vile!”

Kon-El groaned as he climbed out of the crater that was shaped disturbingly like himself. “Where’d he go?” He asked dazed. “We go this … we can …” He paused realizing they had company. The Justice League certainly were more imposing in real life that was for sure. His blue eyes drifted seeing the blue and red. He couldn’t help but feel a sudden knot of anxiety.

“You should have called for backup.” The Flash challenged.

Kid Flash stretched his back out and clenched at his abs from the pain, “Uggg, so what? You could come in and sideline us again? No way, we did good today.” he tried to raise his voice louder, but found the pain was keeping him more quiet than normal.

“Kid Flash is right.” Robin replied, giving a sidelong glance to his friend that due to his mask likely went unnoticed. “You don’t mean backup, you mean help, and we didn’t need help. So maybe a building was damaged, but we saved countless lives by stopping this project. Superboy didn’t have to help us, but he did. If we’d have left him in the state he was in, maybe things would have been different. We could use someone like him on the team, Batman. I’ve seen what he can do.”

“What who can do?” Superman replied, his red cape flowing as he aptly landed, one foot, then the other without so much as the slightest tremor on the ground.

“Superboy.” Robin said, pointing to the boy clad in dark clothing as he made his way forward. “Your clone. They used your DNA, I downloaded all the files to my computer.” He started pulling up the information from the computer on his wrist, but Batman put a hand on the boy wonder’s shoulder as Superboy approached Superman, both studying the other. Robin flipped off the holograph screen.

Kon had been spoon-fed the idea that his existence was predicated on the idea that he would act as a replacement or should it come to it … his executioner. Should Superman ever go rogue, that is. Seeing him though … Kon didn’t yet wear the cloak of confidence nearly as well. Knowing at the moment he was clearly not ready. Unfinished would be the word.

Also, he had zero clue what to say to him… ~Hey I’m your clone sup?~ … did not exactly sound great. So he stood there staring and little awed looking from Superman’s blue and red S to his own black and red one. It was what they had in common right off the bat … right?

Ha. Bat.

Superman looked the boy over with a bit of scrutiny. He did look incredibly familiar, as if he’d found a photo of himself in a high school yearbook. But he also wasn’t ready to deal with this, to take this on, not yet. Wards, sidekicks, partners - those tasks were best left to Batman, to the others. A clone? “We’ll sort this all out,” was the only thing he could think to say. What else does one say to teenagers? “Don’t do drugs, stay in school.” That’s … yeah. They emphasized that in Smallville. He turned his back on the teens to jet off to parts unknown.

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