Project Kr Part 6

Last part of the joint post! Thanks to Winters & Turk!

Kon was mixing crestfallen and disappointment. That arrogant … IDIOT! He frowned his anger rising he grabbed a hunk of asphalt and threw it at the back of the blue eye jerks head.

“You aren’t anything special.” Kon growled. No wonder they had to clone him. He would - will and was a better Superman.

The asphalt did little to no damage to the Superhero, but the act itself meant the teen could stand a little attitude adjustment, Justice League style. Just as he’d swooped in and picked up Blockbuster, Superman did the same to the clone, flying him straight up into the night sky until the air grew a little thin. “You--” he said, not threatening, but sternly. “Need to get your emotions in check, before you hurt someone. You’re strong, I know you know that, but realize that not everyone might be as strong as you. Had that hit Green Arrow, hell, even Batman at that force? You could have killed someone.” He held the boy out by the shoulders at arm’s length.

“I know exactly who I was hitting.” Kon said in a ball of fury. “No wonder they needed to clone you.” He spat venomously.

“Who is they, exactly? Cadmus? Have they cloned others?” He demanded.

“Why do you even care none you even came when Dr. Fairchild called for your help?!” Kon shouted. “No, your sidekicks came! She risked everything and you were too pompous to listen!” The anger welled up and Kon. “Why would you suddenly care now.”

Superman paused for a moment.“First of all, If Dr. Fairchild as you say called for help, those ‘sidekicks’ are the one who took it upon themselves to answer. They’ll be dealt with I’m sure. Second? Who is Dr. Fairchild, and why did she call for help? Third? Answer the question! Who else have they cloned!”

"Why not ask the 'sidekicks' they’re the real heroes." He glared unimpressed. "I'm just the project. What you think they would tell me anything." Thankfully Kon was cloned with a few extra brain cells. He couldn't help but feel resentment now. Superman this … Superman that … all that and then some. Kon didn't see it.

Teenagers. Superman thought with a shake of his head. They start small and cute, dressing like you for Halloween, but slap the word ‘teen’ on the end of their age, you’re stuck with a moody, broody lumps of angst. I don’t know how Batman puts up with it. “You seem to know an awful lot for a ‘project.’ Does this doctor still need assistance? The Justice League is clearing the facility as we speak. The ‘real heroes’ as you say.”

"Yea well I'm not brainless …" Kon pointed out. " … and probably but since you guys came less than fashionably late. They’re probably all gone." Boy did that sting. He didn't blame yellow and red. The came and did what they could and they had come at the right time. Had the Justice League … had Superman come. It would have been different. Dr. Fairchild would have come too … she wouldn't have felt the need to stay. She would of been here with him and he wouldn't be dangling in the air being interrogated.

“I’m sure the League is doing everything it can.” The man of steel replied. “Heck of a time to clam up, but suit yourself. You might not be brainless, but it seems like you have a lot to learn. Luckily Batman’s an expert in all things teenage.” He slowly let the two of them sink until they were back on the ground outside of the Cadmus facility.

"I told you what I know." Kon said in a sharp tone. Just because he didn't like what Kon had to say shouldn't mean he should be accused of clamming up. All the same Kon stormed away back to Red and Yellow. They at least gave a damn. They more than proved that.

Robin shielded his masked eyes from the sun until he couldn’t see the two any longer. “What do you think it’s like to get chewed out by Superman?” He asked Wally in a hushed tone.

His uncle had only given him a half-hearted frown before moving quickly into the rubble. Between the two that was all that needed to be said, though he was sure there might be a short chat coming up later. But for Kid Flash the only thing on his mind at the moment was the spat between the Supers. He whispered back to Robin, “I don’t know, but I’m clenched up all the way over here.”

You okay?” Robin whispered once the Super Boy had been returned to Earth, as Batman and Superman started to discuss the turn of events

"Just … disappointed." He said alternating between hurt and anger. Kon hadn't really thought of what to expect but … not this.

“Don’t let it get to you.” Robin replied, trying to keep the bitterness from his voice. “Superman just needs to process this is all. He’ll come around.” Robin hated blowing smoke, but the fact that he can count on one hand the amount of conversations he’d had himself with Superman wasn’t promising. Supes… well, he was Superman. He generally worked alone. “You’re out, that’s the important part, Mostly. Right now, they’re over there probably talking about what to do next.”

"I know I can hear them." Kon said. Shooting a look to Superman. "You would think someone might ask what I want … are they always like this. Bossy?" He asked. Kon had though now he wasn't under the thumb of Cadmus or NOWHERE he might of been giving some autonomy. It seemed like instead more people deciding things for him.

Kid Flash chuckled a bit and elbowed at Robin, “Look at that, not even 30 minutes out of the tube and he gets it.” But he saw that both were clearly in their heads at the moment, no doubt that both of their...well at least Robin’s mentor was still hanging over them despite being across the parking lot. “But hey, Robin’s right. You’re out! That’s reason to celebrate right? I don’t know about you guys but I am starving and there was this great looking diner on the way over that looked sweeeeet”

“If an army travels on its stomach, KF would be leading the charge.” Robin said with a shake of his head. He checked his watch. “We already missed the dog and pony show at the Hall of Justice, so --” He turned his head towards where Batman, Superman and the Flash were still discussing matters. “You and Superboy go ahead. I better stick around.” As it were, it’d likely take months for Batman to trust him with anything again, and when you find yourself in a hole, sometimes the smartest thing to do is stop digging.

“Diner’s gonna have to wait, Kid.” The grown-up Flash told his counterpart. “Superman’s got … hearing. We were due in Happy Harbor about an hour ago, but don’t worry, I know the fridge is well stocked.”

“Batman didn’t pull the plug?” Robin aked.

“He’s seriously considering it,” Batman replied, having lurked behind the trio. Superman took off for parts unknown. “This was your one and only free pass, and only because it led to the rescue of Superboy as well as a full League investigation into Cadmus. But let me be clear, in the future, you will call for back up, and you will not encourage the others to act as irresponsibly as you have here today. Otherwise, Batman will pull the plug and this operation will be over just as quickly as it started. Are we clear?”

“Crystal.” Robin replied for his teammates.

“Good. Black Canary and Red Tornado are already bringing the others to Happy Harbor. You can get cleaned up at the hall and we’ll take the Zeta Tubes.”

“What’s a Zeta Tube?” Robin asked KF as they loped behind Batman.

Kid Flash spoke in a lower tone to avoid any sideways glances from the bat, “I mean I know what it sounds like, but if it’s taking us to the old Hall then it means we’re in the big leagues.”

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