Welcome Home

So that's a Zeta Tube, Robin thought as they stepped into a tunnel at the Hall of Justice, seconds later arriving at ... "Where are we?" He asked outloud.

"Mount Justice," Batman explained, his voice, as usual monotone. "The former home of the Justice League. "

"Hi," Miss Martian said tentatively. She and the others hadn't arrived that long ago, they hadn't even had time for a tour.

"And your new headquarters." Batman continued, ignoring the interruption. "These are your new teammates. You'd have met them earlier if you'd stayed at the hall as ordered. This is Miss Martian, Static, and Zatanna." He motioned to the others. "And this is Robin, Kid Flash and --"

"Superboy." Robin finished for him.

"This will be your base of operations. The League has been discussing this for quite some time, the need for a team to run covert operations, recon, and handle things that are a bit above what the police can handle --"

"But you'll still leave the heavy lifting to us." Flash finished the sentence for him.

"We've contacted a few others to join your ranks. In the meantime, Red Tornado has agreed to live here, to act as a --"

"Babysitter." Robin interrupted with a scowl. Batman hadn't said anything about this new team getting a babysitter.

"Guardian to oversee the day to day operations and report back to the League. Black Canary will be in charge of your training, and I'll deploy you on missions. Real missions." He added, before he could be interrupted again. "This is a trial. A test. Your chance to prove yourselves in an environment the League is comfortable with. Make of it what you will. Just because Red Tornado is here doesn't mean he'll be calling any shots, that'll be up to you. You'll decide who goes, who stays and you'll work as a team. Most importantly - you WILL call for back up when you need it. Don't make us regret this decision. Any questions?"

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