Welcome Home pt2

Robin had a ton of questions, not that Batman would answer them. Cryptic is kind of his thing.

“Yeah, just a real quick one,” Virgil looked at the three heroes he hasn’t met yet, “what’s a Superboy? I’ve heard of Kid Flash, Robin, but… not this guy. No offense.”

“He’s one of us,” Robin replied, definitively.

Kon just folded his arm happy to let Robin do most of the talking. There just seemed like a lot of folk he didn’t know.

“So, we’re all going to be a team, and not actually directly joining the Justice League? Like jr. members or something?” Zatanna asked, all of this new information had taken a couple of minutes to sink in, but it sounded like they’d all be working together. It was kind of like training unless she was wrong. She also looked at the new members of the team, Kid Flash, Robin, and Superboy. “Also, i’m Zatanna… it’s nice to meet you three.” are there really only two girls, me and miss martian? That’s a bummer

“But we’re NOT calling it the Jr. Justice League.” The boy wonder was adamant about that.

“Or something.” Batman replied. “Robin and Kid Flash have each been deployed solo on select missions in the past, and it’s been brought to our attention - several times - that your individual talents could be better utilized if you step out of our shadows and into your own.”

“KF and I brought Brutale to the Belle Reve to stand trial,” Robin said proudly, fist-pounding his best bud.

“And we think you, all of you, will complement each other and make a fine team.” Black Canary finished.

“That sounds great, it’s like how the justice league has so many heroes with different powers, so do we, and we can overcome our weaknesses with each other's strengths right?” Zatanna felt like she better understood things. “We’re like a young Justice League then?”

“We don’t need a name.” Robin replied, determined to shy away from anything that made them sound like… like… sidekicks on a playdate.

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