Welcome Home pt3

“I think we’ll make for a great team!” M’gann added helpfully, happy to be surrounded by so many different earth teenagers. “Even if we don’t have a team name.” Secretly? She wanted a team name in the worst way.

“Why don’t you all get settled?” Black Canary offered. “There’s plenty of rooms, I suggest you claim one, even if you won’t be living here full time. You’ll have a safe space you can keep your belongings, and to decompress if you feel like it. Red Tornado, let’s go pick up a few pizzas. I know Wally’s hungry.” A flash of yellow light let them know KF was calling ‘dibs’.

“It’s a metabolism thing.” Robin offered with a chuckle.

“Robin, a word,” Batman sad to his counterpart. Robin frowned as he saw Miss Martian dash off. Sure, he expected Kid Flash would have first dibs being fast, but the boy wonder didn’t expect to be dead last! Sighing heavily, he turned and followed Batman to see what he had to say.

Zatanna smiled as she saw everything, the mountain was huge, she jogged over to Miss Martian. “Let’s see if our rooms can be next to each other, M’gann!” i’m going to make friends with the only other girl here, because otherwise what’s the point of being on an all guy team?

M’gann’s Martian eyes lit up at the request. “Yes! Let’s!” She said, not suppressing a giggle as she loped after Zatanna to look at the rooms. “They all look… identical,” she noted, not trying to hide her disappointment. None of them had windows, but then again, it was a fortress built into a mountain, what did she really expect?

The rooms each had a bed, desk and chair and a bookcase. Closets were big enough to hold a small arsenal, and everything was a cold, steel gray. “Well,” M’gann said chipperly to her new friend. “At least we’re can have fun decorating!”

“Roomy.” Static said as he entered his room. He didn’t even know if he was even able to stay.

Zatanna looked at her room, which she had picked out to be right across from M’gann’s room. “Well… this is certainly bland… but we can fix that… Erutxet nedoow a fo ecnaraeppa eht htiw roloc nat ,rekrad a moor ym fo sllaw eht tniap!” as the walls changed around her she smiled. this is going to be so much fun

Still, in his solar suite, Kon rocked on his heel a little unsure what to do. Everyone seemed to be picking out room so he figured he would wait for Robin so he could be close to him and Wally.

“Well, I’m looking forward to a shopping trip!” M’gann declared from the hallway. “Anyone up for the mall?”

“The what?” Kon asked.

“The mall! It’s where they put lots and lots of stores and you can buy anything and everything, and just when you think it couldn’t get any better? There’s a food court! Pizza, pretzels, burgers, ice cream, almost every kind of food is right there. I just love the mall! I’ve… actually never physically been to the mall, but I’ve seen them on TV all the time and I just know it’ll be incredible.”

The sheer excitement coming out of the red-headed green-skinned girl was nothing short of frightening. “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh … great?” Kon said with thumbs up.

M’gann giggled at the Superboy’s response, giving him a thumbs up herself. “To the mall!”

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