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Snitches get stitches

“What’s up--” Robin began, as Batman pulled him aside. “I mean, what did you need, Batman?”

“I want you to keep an eye on the others, in particular, Superboy.”

“You mean spy?” Robin asked, his mask not hiding the fact that he wasn’t fond of the idea.

“Kid Flash and you, you’ve proven yourselves. And while Jefferson vouches for Static, Zatara for Zatanna and Martian Manhunter for Miss Martian, they’re not yet vetted. I’m not asking you to spy. But if someone isn’t ready for the field--”

“Then Black Canary or Red Tornado should let you know.” Robin interrupted, folding his arms. “Batman, you said this was going to be a team, a real team, not a playdate for sidekicks. If we’re going to be a team, that means we’re going to have to trust each other. Like I trust you. And like you need to trust me. If someone isn’t up for the field, we’ll handle it, but I’m not going to report to you behind anybody’s back. If something is wrong, something that we can’t, as a team handle, I’ll call for backup, that’s a promise. But aside from that, you can read the mission reports, they’ll tell you what you need to know.”

Batman scowled. “The Superboy - we don’t know anything about him, the League hasn’t even started to look into Cadmus yet.”

“Superboy saved my life. He could have turned on KF and me at any time, but he didn’t. If all you want is someone to vouch for him? I vouch for him. I don’t even think he’s scratched the surface yet of what he can do, and besides, what’s the alternative, putting him back in a pod? Superman didn't seem all that interested in bringing him on board. He belongs here, as one of us. KF and I will look out for him, you know we will. And the others will look out for us. You told me that you were all in. You weren’t just placating us, were you?”

Batman turned with a snap of his cape. Robin took it as a sign that he was victorious in an argument for once. As his mentor exited through the zeta tube, a smile crossed the boy wonder’s face before joining his teammates for a mall trip.

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