Joint Post - Group Effort!

“So …” Kon started running his hand through his hair. “... why is this better than say … ordering in and online?” He asked scratching his nose. “Also … why are we crammed in a car when half of us can fly … and run super fast.” He added.

“Team building. You don’t get that online. And we’re driving because we don’t want to draw all that much attention.” Robin explained, himself wishing the ‘car’ was a little bigger. He, Kid Flash and the others had changed into street clothes, and found some ill fitting jeans and a jacket so the Superboy didn’t have to wear just a solar suit.

“And having 6 teenagers in a small car is just any other day to everyone else.” Virgil added. True, he did feel cramped, but he really didn’t mind being close to his new team, even if that meant physically.

“Sorry --” M’gann offered, as her bioship morphed into an SUV with third row seating to make everyone more comfortable. “Better?” The gesture was short lived and irritating to Robin who found himself in the very back, because shortly after she had pulled into a space in front of the Central City Mall, a sprawling brick building which could span several of Gotham City’s blocks.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Central City's center of consumerism" Kid Flash added from the back as he saw they're destination, "and about freakin-I mean I wish I never had to leave." He shifted his tone quickly seeing M'gann's glance go towards himself. He gave a shimmy in the third row he had been assigned to so as to show his 'comfort' but could already feel his blood pumping to get moving on his own feet.

Robin chuckled, rolling his eyes behind his reflective sunglasses as the car pulled to a stop. “It’s whelming. Just the right amount of whelm.” The… Damn, did they need a name? Can’t they just be ‘The Team?” The Team filed out of the vehicle, which then vanished into thin air. “Low profile,” Robin noted, jamming his hands into his blazer pockets.

“Low profile until someone wants to park here…” Zatanna commented to Robin, taking note of the parking space for later.

M’gann looked every bit the teenager. To blend in she made her skin tone peaches and cream, topped with below the shoulder ruddy red hair as to not make Zatanna think she was copying her look. To that she added a pair of skinny jeans and a baby doll tee shirt naming a popular soft drink and a zip up hooded jacket, the exact outfit worn by one of the mannequins in the store window she’d passed.

The mall itself was sprawling, but pretty typical. Big name department stores bordered all the corners, boasting their own outside as well as inside entrances. In between, specialty shops selling everything from chocolates to chimpanzees which clashed together tiny cymbals. Jewelry sparkled from inside glass cases and the scent of cinnamon from the food court was overpowering. In the middle were your standard kiosks hawking the latest cell phones, novelty tee-shirts, and helium filled balloons with little feet attached to make them look like they were walking.

M’gann took everything in, the sights, the sounds, the wonderful scents from the Dixie Candle store they’d entered by. She was determined to hit each and every store, both floors!
I can link us up in case anyone gets separated. She offered.

“We’re not nine.” Robin replied out loud. He’d experienced psychic links from Martian Manhunter in the past, and wasn’t thrilled with them. He held up his cell phone.“And when we split up, we can text.”

“You can get inside my head whenever you want beautiful.” Wally added from the back, before firing a finger gun M’gann’s way and giving a cocksure smile.

“Ummm, thanks… “ M’gann stammared, a flush coming to her cheeks as she wasn’t quite sure how to respond. Thankfully, Zatanna was quick to step in.

“Robin… I don’t know if M’gann has a phone… oh, maybe we could pick one out together for you M’gann!” Zatanna spoke up after hearing Robin object to the psychic link. She didn’t really have anywhere specific she wanted to go in the mall. Not right now anyways.

“Could we?” M’gann asked. “I want to take selfies and send them to my brothers and sisters back home on Mar-” She paused, not that anyone in the mall was listening, but, just in case - “Markovia.”

Kon scrunched his nose. “Too many people.” He complained. “To easy to get ambushed.” He noted unimpressed.

“Who’s going to ambush us in a mall?” Robin asked. “Except maybe the perfume people in the department store. You’ll want to stay away from them.”

“Duly noted.” Kon said way too seriously.

“So?” Robin asked, warily eyeing the Superboy from behind his glasses. “Where to first? Do we want to split up? You go phone shopping, we’ll go get SB something that actually fits?”

“Well if we eliminate the threat of the … what did you call ‘em … ‘perfume people’ first, we should be able to explore the Mall unhindered.” Kon suggested.

“Not that much of a threat Kon, just ignore them. Most people do. All you need to worry about is getting into something a little less ‘lab experiment’” Kid flash quickly interjected as he moved to the head of the group. “I have a few suggestions of course, but I am obviously free to play tour guide to any lovely ladies needing one.”

“I think the ‘lovely ladies’ will be fine without you for a while.” Zatanna tried to not sound a bit peeved by Kid Flash, although her initial impression of him was not that favorable.

M’gann offered a thankful smile to both the speedster and Zatanna to be polite.

“Oh well, you know how to find me.” Kid Flash added to Zatanna’s dismissal. He and Robin began walking into the mall, on the way Kid Flash looked back at the girls again and gave a small smile, "They're totally into me." He said aside to Robin.

“Real smooth, KF.” Robin said with a laugh. “Come on, I promise we can hit the food court at least twice after Superboy finds a style he likes. My treat. Well, Batman’s treat” Truth be told, Superboy’s comments were slightly unnerving, and he did sort of promise Batman he’d look after him, so Robin figured he’d stay close to the new guy for the time being. Having Wally for back up wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Kon trailed silently after Robin and KF. Givin they were the only ones he knew best and honestly, he was a little weirded out by M’gann’s mental chatter. So he planned on staying with the two he was most familiar with.

“I’ll go with you guys, always like being around electronics.” Virgil jokingly says to Zatanna and M’gann.

“Meet you back at the food court.” Robin called back over his shoulder, “I’m sure that’s where we’ll end up.”

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