Today is the Day - ROBIN

Today is the Day. Robin, that is, Dick Grayson at the moment, woke up before the alarm, deftly pulling himself out of bed. He cast his well creased pajamas down the laundry chute for Alfred and scowled at his Gotham academy uniform. School was so useless, he learned more in an afternoon with Batman than he did an entire semester, but as Bruce pointed out, keeping up appearances is part of their responsibility.

“Walk, Master Richard.” Alfred warned as the uniformed teen slid side-saddle down the banister in the main hall. “I’ve just polished the floors and have no wish to scrub them a second time should you slip and injure yourself.”

“Never happen.” the boy replied confidently, but respectfully he complied, hopping down to jog the remainder of the way.

Bruce was already in his suit and tie, midway through breakfast by the time his ward arrived in the dining hall. “You know, we were home schooled when I was in the circus, Bruce.” He said casually, picking up his plate and moving to the right hand side of Bruce from his usual spot at the foot of the table. Bruce didn’t look up from the Gotham Gazette.

“You don’t say… Or at least you haven’t, for almost 24 hours.” The billionaire quipped, draining his coffee cup. “Like I told you yesterday, we’ll discuss the options. Eat your breakfast, you have finals this morning, the induction ceremony this afternoon, and--”

“And yesterday I took on Rhino.” the teen complained, sipping his orange juice. It wasn’t that he didn’t like school, it just wasn’t challenging, or important. He’d been bumped up to Freshman a year early, and could have easily skipped two more grades but Bruce convinced him a 13 year old Junior would garner attention, and while that was fine for Robin, Dick Grayson got enough attention just being the ward of a billionaire. None of it mattered when you went toe to toe with the Joker or Bane.

Bruce folded the paper and pushed his chair back. “And tomorrow you’ll wake up part of the Justice League. I’ve got an early meeting at Wayne enterprises. Alfred will bring the car around to take you to school.”

“Just like an ordinary kid.” the boy sniped.

“An ordinary student at Gotham Academy. I’ll meet you at the Hall of Justice at Three. Good luck on your finals, and Dick? Try not to finish too early again this year. ”

Grayson scowled. He had to retake his 7th grade finals to prove he wasn’t cheating, just smart, leading to the grade jump. Bruce had acted like it was a worse crime than if he in fact did cheat, and for whatever reason the Gazette had been all over it, the opposite of what Bruce wanted for Dick Grayson. Robin on the other hand, Robin often made the front page and that was just fine with the Dark Knight.

In the car, Dick messaged his best friend, Wally West to wish him luck as well. No one thought twice if Wally did anything too fast, that was his thing! Wally didn’t worry about appearances or secret identities. He was Wally West, Kid Flash, and the only person outside of Wayne Manor that knew Dick Grayson and Robin were one in the same. Like himself, Kid Flash would be visiting the hall later on. He just wish Bruce wasn’t so secretive about the whole thing. Sure, he’d given the boy wonder the head’s up on what was to come, but like everything else? Dick Grayson couldn’t say a word.

Despite worrying that it would take an eternity, the remainder of Grayson’s finals went pretty quickly. Cantonese was challenging even. And it came to no surprise to him that he and Wally were the first two assembled at the Hall of Justice. Batman had access to Boomtube technology, and Flash/Kid Flash went without say.

“The others should be here within the hour.” Batman said in his low gravely voice. But the caped crusader twice - Robin noticed - glanced over at one of the mainframe computers in the hall. “It’s not a priority right now.” He told Superman and Flash, the room’s other two occupants. “They’ve always handled their own security, and if they need help, they know where to call. Robin, Kid Flash, sit tight. Be welcoming to the others when they get here. We have some -- important league matters to discuss before the media circus.”

“Sure thing, Batman.” His trusty pint-sized partner replied until the Justice Leaguer’s vanished from sight. “No, “ he said preempting Kid Flash - no easy feat as he pulled up his wrist computer. “We’re not just going to sit tight. If Batman took notice… twice -- it might not be a priority for them, but it might be something we can help with. Besides -- you’re super fast. We’ll be back long before the others even show up.”


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