Splinter Cell Phone Shopping Pt 1

((JP, Blitzen, Greytex, MC the Youtuber))

M’gann made note of everything they passed, beautifully dressed mannequins in every window, well, most windows. Some windows boasted dark clothes with scenes of skulls and skeletons, and had angry music loudly playing. She couldn’t wait to return home to try out all the different looks, but that would mean the mall trip would be over and she didn’t want to rush that either.

She was glad that Static and Zatanna, her first two earth friends had decided to come with her, especially when they arrived at the cell phone store. There were so many. “What kind do you guys have?” She asked, hoping to get a better idea of what to look for.

“Well I have a Samsung, there are two main phones people have. Samsung’s, or iPhones. It all depends on what kind of girl you are.” Virgil said. Even though Samsung has all of the jokes on it, he still liked his phone.

“Average!” M’gann said proudly. “Just like a regular teenage girl, from Happy Harbor.”

“You’re forgetting about LG, sure it isn’t AS advanced as a Samsung or iPhone, but my Phoenix 3 has yet to fail me. And there are other brands too, like Windows has a few phones, google has a couple different types, and CAT makes some sturdy phones too. Only rivalled by Nokia... Speaking of which, I need to upgrade myself, because my phone has a crack down the center of the screen…” Zatanna commented, and there were certainly more phones than either of M’gann’s friends had listed in the store.

M’gann’s two favorites were the latest from Wayne Electronics, and the LexPhone11 from LexCorp. The latter was supposed to be the more popular, “the one all the kids have or want” according to the sales clerk. M’gann nodded enthusiastically - that was the phone for her. “What do you think, Virgil?” She asked, hoping for his approval on her choice.

Virgil looked at his new friend and her phone. He knew ‘big blue’ didn’t care much for Luthor, he told his uncle all the time. Yet… he didn’t have the heart to tell her. “Looks great.” Virgil said, putting on the best fake smile in his life.

“Thanks Virgil!” She said, practically beaming as she grinned genuinely from ear to ear. Her Uncle J’onn had secured her with a bank account and a credit card, warning her that it wasn’t an unlimited fund, but something that would need paying back. “Megan Morse” the front of the card read. An amazing earth name. She couldn’t wait to get it a fancier case, one maybe in the shape of a cat, something else she secretly hoped they could get for the Justice Cave.

Speaking of Cats, Zatanna had selected a phone which had a stylized CAT letters on the back. “I’ve been saving up for one of these for weeks, the newest CATerpillar phone.

M’gann smiled politely, excited to check out the features of her LexCorp phone, which boasted more filters than all the others combined. She wasn’t sure what they were for, but she knew the celebrity vlogs talked about them, so they had to be important.

“Where do you guys think we should….” the shrill sound of alarm bells cut her off, and she tilted her head in that direction. Where, where, there! Second floor of the mall! Someone was being robbed! People with bandana masks were shoving mallgoers aside as they made their way down the escalators.

“No way.” Virgil chuckles out. “A robbery? Here? With us present?”

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