Splinter Cell Phone Shopping Pt 2

There were two of them, M’gann could see, one boy and a girl, they looked about her age in earth years, pale pale blonde hair and bandannas covering the lower part of their faces. The martian held up a hand as someone was shoved over the side of the escalator, concentrating to levitate them safely to the ground. “They’re going to seriously hurt someone!” She warned.

“Hey!” Virgil yelled, trying to act authoritatively. “Stop right there.” He puffed his chest out and put his fists to his side, giving a pretty damn good Superman impression. He doesn’t really have a mask for the costume so he doesn’t mind fighting in street clothes.

Zatanna quickly swiped her credit card and pocketed her new phone, then she spoke an incantation. “Seveiht eht pu pirt!” she also muttered. “Tiftuo s'naicigam ym otni em egnahc” as she had earlier used her magic to dress in a purple tank top and blue jeans, but now she was back in her hero outfit. And she was ready to fire spells at her opponents, and support her new teammates.

As long as M’gann’s clothes were made of an organic material (in this case, cotton!) she was able to change into something more combat-suitable, with a cape!

“Who’s gunna make me?” The tall boy wearing a lock around his neck called back to Static. His similarly - dressed girl counterpart reached the base of the escalator.

“Yeah!” The girl called, picking up a trash bin from the center of the mall. “Who’s gunna make us!” She effortlessly heaved the large metal bin towards Static.

Virgil easily swatted the metal bin away, being magnetic and all. “Aight, listen. I’m not playin’ games, I’m just trying to hang out on my day off, so if you would kindly turn yourselves in, that’d be great.”

“That being said, if you need any persuading there are three of us and only two of you.” Zatanna spoke aloud, Kid Flash and Robin were going to be sorry they missed this.

“Sounds like a good idea, don’t it, Tuppance? Let’s just turn ourselves in!” The boy called, drawling his words in a thick accent.

“I gots me a better idea, Tommy.” His sister retorted. “Let’s show ‘em what happens to d0-gooders who go and get in the way of the Terror twin!” Tommy charged directly at Zatanna, swinging a metal chain with a padlock from around his neck in a whirlwind fashion. Tuppance charged towards Static, fists flying.

Static starts to turn back and run as the blonde haired beast charges toward him. Now, Virgil’s never had a hard time with women but he’s never felt comfortable fighting them. That was until he got tackled from behind. “God you hit like a linebacker.”

“And you have a glass jaw!” she shot back, throwing a fist towards his jaw for emphasis.

Virgil throws his hands up in defense, and all of the phones in the store start to vibrate. Nearly falling off the shelves, miniature bolts of electricity stab Tuppance at once, knocking her off of Virgil.

Tuppance staggered back with the small jolts, each one rattling her to her teeth. “Well, well...” She said with a laugh. “Didn’t you just get interesting!” She lifted an entire glass case full of cell phones, swinging it at the ‘hero’ like a bat. “Let’s see what you got, Hee-Ro”

“Z! Help!” Virgil yells, struggling to find his balance after having the wind knocked out of him.

But Zatanana had her own problems, dealing with Tommy! M’gann lifted both of her arms, lifting the counter Tuppance was carrying up off the ground, Tuppance still hanging on as it floated up and out of the store. “You’ve done about enough damage!” She decided, floating the teen Terror twin towards the fountain in the center of the mall. “Are you all right?” She asked Static.

“Yea- yeah. You sure you got her held up there tight?” Static says, rubbing his jaw.

“Unless she learns to fly.” M’gann replied. “I got her - you go help Zatanna!”

((JP Blitzen, Greytex. MC the Youtuber))

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