A Cricket in the Mall

The little mob broke up once they hit the parking lot. All the hard to pin a single one, much less the pickpocket out from the crowd. Cricket was all to proud of herself … tonight was going to be a IHOP night! Victory pancakes! Easy peasy no less!

Finding a private space had proven to be a more difficult prospect than Wally had initially planned. Every changing room he tried to coyly slide into had either a nosy worker trying to ask if he needed anything or was currently occupied. How the hell did Superman always seem to find an empty phone booth? Eventually though he found an old photo booth, he gave a casual step into the ancient booth and in a few seconds, zoomed out the mall leaving a few people scrambling for their purchases.

“I think you have something that belongs to me.” Robin called, leaping down from a dumpster, blocking the girl’s path. A blur from the corner of his eye told him Kid Flash was near. “How about you give it back and we call this a draw?”

Cricket stuck her tongue out. She was not letting go of this payday without a fight. She had the advantage and she knew it, they were not going to expect her to put up a fight. The one was a meta and fast the other had skill but again … she had the advantage. She was sure she could subvert him.

Kon took his time catching up to his teammates assured that this was something they could easily handle.

Cricket chirped sharply and dashed toward Robin, feined and used the wall to leap around him like a demented Mexican jumping bean! She even flicked his ear! Soundlessly laughing she stuck her tongue out again and continued running and she waved further teasing the boys.

“They always run - always. Nowhere to go, kid.” The thirteen-year-old scoffed, sidestepping a cafe table as he gave chase. “KF? Interception?”

“Kid Wrangling, got it.” Kid Flash said as he moved past the boy-wonder. Not exactly the most dignified job but it was better than hanging around the mall. Catching up to the girl was no trouble and the red-yellow streak quickly overtook her and Kid Flash took up position in front of her in the lot, “Alright kid, time to give it up. You’re not getting away from me.” He kept his stance wide in anticipation of having to tackle the approaching girl.

Cricket hissed going into a baseball slide right between KF legs. She whipped her legs around like out of a kung fu movie to sweep Kid Flash’s legs out from under him.

Did she just hiss at me? Was all Kid Flash could process before his feet were cut out from under him. He landed down onto his elbows and gritted his teeth, he did not just get owned by a grade schooler!

“Head’s up!” Robin called, leaping over his friend after the little moppet. Spying a broom resting against a building in an alleyway, the boy wonder grabbed it and when close enough, went low to sweep out the girls legs at shin height. “Consider this a citizen’s arrest,” he told the girl as she went tumbling.

Now it was Crickets turn to be surprised and she tumbled to the ground. Well, it seemed only fair, right? She ambushed the friend so now this guy wanted a turn? Well she wasn’t going to roll over that easily! The girl bounced back to her feet and went launched herself at the alley wall rebounding her foot flying toward Robin's head.

Robin raised the broom horizontally to protect himself from getting kicked in the face, slightly taken aback by the girl’s ability.. “Nice moves. So you want to dance?” he asked, spinning the broom around. “Where’d you train?”

Cricket chirped like namesake. The girl bounced on her feet … okay, she was excited now, an opponent. A REAL opponent! The girl gave a wry smile sweeping her arms out for a fast combo as she attempted to drive the boy back.

“Not much of a talker, eh?” Robin said as he took the defensive, being driven back into the alley as he blocked mostly using the broom. “It’s okay…” He went to sweep a leg which the girl circumvented with a leap. “I’m not usually all that chatty myself, but you do hold your own, credit where it’s due and all.”

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