A Cricket in the Streets

JP - Winters, Turk, Blitzen

Cricket wittered like a bird and she moved with fluid ease. Counter, clock, grapple, strike … she saw his moves telegraphed long in advance. It was after all her thing. Raised to not speak with one's voice but rather the body.

That in no way detracted the boy’s skill and talent! He was trained magnificently! This she could respect! Better he clearly didn’t hail from the League!

“Look, we can do this all day.” Robin said, narrowly avoiding getting hit. “Or you can give me my stuff,, say you’re sorry, and call this off.” He jabbed forward with the staff, aiming for the gut of his opponent.

Cricket moved deftly out of the way brushing the broomstick away and grabbing the end and spinning under it. She quickly jerking it forward to ram it in Robin's gut. Might as well show him how to do it right!

She didn’t let up though. Cricket also didn’t have all night! The fat wallet would feel a lot of them and earn some serious kudos from all the other street kids. It was, for her, a big prize worth fighting for!

Kid Flash pulled himself back to his feet, nothing was hurt as much as his ego. It was bad enough that he got put to the ground so easily, but bring placed on his ass by a kid stung just that but extra.

As he dusted the flakes of asphalt and prepared to take off after the pair he heard a shout a few feet to his back, "Hey look it's Speedy!" Before he could turn around and correct the voice another few people came out of the nearby entrance and began making their way over. Each of them clearly looking to have a moment with a super. "Hey now I really gotta-" the crowd asked for more photos, a quick autograph, a high-five or a hug. For all intents and purposes he was stuck in his own game. 'Sorry Robin', he thought, 'you gotta handle this one for the moment'. He gave a smile to the crowd, "Heyyy everybody, Kid Flash here and I'd be happy to take a few photos but I really gotta move"

Robin sidestepped Cricket’s attack, only to get struck in the chin as a crashing sound garnered his attention. With the brief distraction, he grabbed the moppet’s wrists, and the two grappled. The girl spun and twisted like a constrictor, as the two rolled on the asphalt. Robin was able to graze his wallet but not retrieve it fully when he was near bitten. “Look kid!” You can keep the cash. I just want the wallet itself.” Robin said, releasing her and adjusting his sunglasses. He held up both his hands to show a truce. “No funny business.” He took a few steps back, giving her some decent space. >I just want the wallet itself.< He signed, in case she couldn’t hear him. >Money is all yours< The girl looked at him warily, taking a few steps back herself. Almost faster than he could see, the beat-up empty leather wallet case landed at his feet and just as quickly was scooped up.

The girl watched him warily. Then chirped giving him a quick bow before running off chirping like her namesake cherrily.

Robin did the same, tucking John Grayson’s empty wallet back into his blazer pocket, and jogging back to where “Speedy” was still hamming it up, but something else caught his eye.

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