Project 13 - Part 2

(JP - Turk, Winters, Blitzen)

Konner watched KF vanish in a blur and Robin gives chase. He honestly wasn’t too worried. The pair HAD broken into Cadmus and got out in one piece … what was a half-pint pickpocket going to do? Besides he had been specifically told not to display of powers and Kon was nothing but powers! Subtle was not in the boy’s vocabulary! So he ambled after they assure that by the time he got there the matter would have been resolved.

Trent Siegel had taken a temp gig as a mall rent-a-cop to make the bills ever since the Cadmus lab had been destroyed. “A temporary layoff” they told the guard. After all, there was no one left their to guard, so a skeleton crew was employed to keep the riff raff out during rebuilding. Sure they had other facilities, but “no openings” he was told. Bitter didn’t begin to describe his disposition, so when he spotted the subject? It was his chance to get his old job back, and hopefully a little payback in the process.

“This is Siegel. I’m in Central City mall. You will never guess who I have eyes on right now.. Requesting Cadmus backup for Project 13.”

“Copy Siegel, deploying retrieval protocol. ETA 11 minutes.”

Kon really hadn’t been paying much attention but like any person there where certain key phrases that would forever snap his attention. Toss in some super hearing and well …

Kon turned his eyes moving over the people as the stream into the mall. It was easy picking them out, he was trained to but something in him just snapped. A rouge thought passing him … he had to protect his team … and if could … he would wring their neck to find out about Dr. Fairchild too!

Much like an enraged bull he didn’t so much think and he just ran on instinct. He bellowed to his target taking a massive leap going straight onto the offensive.

“I’ve been compromised. Best get here quick!” The non-uniformed man said, taking out the mall issued taser. “Stop right there, that’s an order Thirteen!” He told the project, hoping some of 13’s old “training” still held fast.

“Like HELL!” Kon snarled landing in front of the man. “You going to come with ME and you’re going to spill your guts or I’ll hand feed you to Batman!” He warned taking another step closer, the people in the immediate area running and panicking.

“Where is Dr. Fairchild!” The young hero demanded!

“She left. Or she went to another facility after you destroyed the one you were raised in.” The guard shot back. “Hell if I know. Maybe she started Project 14 somewhere.”

“WHERE?!” Kon said taking another step eyes glowing red.
“I dunno!” The guard said, a bit more of an edge to his voice. “No one knows, not after the facility was shut down. Only thing I heard…” He hesitated. “Last person who seen her was Mr. Luthor himself.”

Kon was less than pleased his frown deepening grabbing the Yield sign and tied the man up. “Let’s see how you stand up to being interrogated by Batman.” He said with narrowed eyed.

“Interrogated for what? Siegel replied. “Being employed by Cadmus? Newsflash Thirteen, hundreds of people still are. Maybe the big bad Bat can find your Doctor Fairchild.”

“But I’m living proof of their illicit activities. I can tell you for sure Superman has been none too happy with Cadmus making clones of him.” Kon said with an arrogant tone. “So you sit tight and -” Kon started before being cut off. Thin tendrils wrapped themselves tightly around his throat and before he realized fully what was happening found himself sailing in the air and crashing through a variety of parked cars.

“Sit tight and what?” Siegel said with a smile. Full-time Cadmus employment would be his again soon enough.

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